A Federal Fisheries Permit for Just About Everything

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Does it seem like you can’t quite find the federal fisheries permit that your business needs? Have you felt like filling out these forms is more of a pain than it should be? At the Commercial Fishing Permits Center, we get it. There’s nothing fun or the least bit exciting about completing these forms. That said, to bet the most out of your commercial fishing job, you have to do it. That’s why, at our site, you’ll be able to find all of the forms you need for commercially fishing just about anything just about anywhere. Case in point: we offer the “Special Coral Reef Ecosystem Fishing Permit and Transshipment Requirements.” 

Federal Fisheries Permit and What It covers 

This permit has multiple uses. If you’re fishing for species that are on the list of “Potentially Harvested Coral Reef Taxa,” then you’re going to need this permit. Moreover, it’s for folks who are fishing for coral reef ecosystem management unit species in a low-use MPA. That said, it’s also for if you’re using fishing gear that is not specifically allowed in those regulations. Should that apply to you and your Pacific Island Region fishing operation, then this might be the right form for your needs. As ever, if you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer them. 

What to Keep in Mind 

There are exceptions to this permit. For example, if you catch coral reef management unit species incidentally while fishing for the management unit species that are covered by a permit you already possess, then you may be such an exception to this permit. Moreover, if you have a permit issued to fish under other western Pacific fishery management plans. Those are “crustacean,” “precious corals,” “seamount groundfish,” “bottomfish,” and “pelagic.”

Logbook Necessities 

The authorities are very clear about the logbook rules when it comes to this permit. For example, you have to submit your logbook to the authorities within thirty days of each landing of a coral reef harvest. You’ll note that didn’t allow for a lot of leeway – 30 days is 30 days. Moreover, you must submit a logbook to the powers that be within seven days following the date the vessel arrived in port to land transshipped fish. With all of the trouble that you went to get to this permit and catch the fish, it’d be a real shame to let logbook issues give you any hassles. 

A Federal Fisheries Permit You May Need 

We understand that not every commercial fishing professional is in the Pacific Island region to catch different kinds of coral. That’s why this is just one of the many, many permits that we offer. In fact, you don’t have to be in the Pacific Island region at all – we have plenty of permits for areas as diverse (and far from each other) as New England, the Gulf of Mexico, the West Coast, and even Alaska. To talk to a professional, call (866) 292-4204, or for more information simply look on our website, Commercial Fishing Permits.

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