A Federal Fishing License for Your Specific Needs

Federal Fishing License

You can find every single form for a federal fishing license on our website. Bear in mind that fishing certain types of sea life may require applying for a specific permit that doesn’t allow fishing for other types. Know which is the permit you need for engaging in commercial activities regarding fishing.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought not only health problems but administrative issues as well. Due to these unforeseen consequences, many offices have been closed since March 2020 to help minimize the spread. In order to expedite processing, certain licenses can be renewed by accessing the online applications and forms. 

Federal Fishing License

Deadlines Extended

The last two years have been hard for everyone. Circulation restrictions showed a severe impact on the economy. Fishing has not been an exception. Commercial and recreational vessels remained in port for quite some time, save some authorized by the government. 

Processing permits like a federal fishing license went to a halt. Due to this situation, renewals were extended for fishermen. If your permit was about to expire near the beginning of the pandemic, there is a good chance you can apply for a renewal on time to engage again in commercial activities.

Act Responsibly: Don’t Wait Too Long

Extended renewal periods for a federal fishing license will help you to get your paperwork done in a timely manner. However, don’t lay back on this situation. There are many like you who want or need to get back as soon as possible on their ship and resume commercial fishing.

Think about all the applications and forms submitted before yours that require processing. If you wait too long, even if you fill the forms you need days before expiration, there might exist a potential delay at an administrative level. In that case, your already extended renewal opportunity for the federal fishing license may expire anyway.

Submit Your Permit Today

If you’re aware your documentation for fishing is about to expire, don’t wait any longer. Our website provides every kind of federal fishing license you might need to get back on the water. Check the permit you need for the type of fishing you are looking for depending on your region. Feel free to look around and don’t hesitate to contact us. You can find the permits for each area listed here:




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Pacific Islands

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