A Federal Fishing License to Meet Your Needs All Over Alaska

Federal Fishing License

Does it seem like whenever you go about trying to get a new federal fishing license in Alaska, it’s more difficult than it was the last time? Have you felt like you waste so much time just trying to complete one commercial fishing permit form or another? We understand that, as commercial fishing professionals, you literally have no time to waste. So, we made a site that expedites every step of the process. If you’re looking for a license in Alaskan waters (or beyond) we’ve got you covered. 

The Federal Fishing License and Permits that You’ll Need

Groundfish and crab can be lucrative anywhere, but perhaps especially so in the waters of Alaska. We offer applications for the “Alaska License Limitation Program Applications for Groundfish and Crab.” These include the “Application for a Community Quota Entity to Receive a Non Trawl Groundfish LLP License,” as well as an “Application for Replacement of Certificates or Permits,” in addition to the “Application for Transfer License Program Groundfish/Crab License.” With those, you can get into the Alaskan groundfish and crab industries in the way that you would like. 

Transfers, Applications, and More

While we understand that there’s plenty of opportunity in Aslkan groundfish and crab, we also understand that that’s far from the only lucrative fishing in Alaskan waters. Specifically, scallops are a big business, as well (for good reason). To that end, we offer applications to transfer or replace your Scallop LLP License. We understand that, even if you’ve been fishing these waters for your entire life, that some of this legalese can be a bit complex and opaque. Should that be the case, we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. 

Apply From Anywhere (So Long As You’re on the Internet)

We do not believe that commercial fishing professionals should have to sit at their desks all day while they fill out these forms. In fact, we believe that they should be able to fill them out from practically anywhere – on the dock, on the road, or even on their boat itself. So, we made sure that our site is optimized for mobile. That means that you can complete these forms from anywhere that you would like and on any device, too. You can be on your phone, on your laptop, desktop, tablet, or anything else – our forms are designed to be filled out easily. 

More than Just Licensing Forms

While this blog has dealt primarily with many of the licensing forms at our site, that’s far from all that we offer. In fact, you’ll find dozens of applications for fishing in Alaskan waters as well as those from all across America. We understand that with your business, time is limited. So, if there are any small errors with your forms, they’ll be caught by our document processor professionals (so that you get your forms back as soon as possible). Any questions about any of this? If so, you can call us at (866) 292-4204.

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