A National Marine Fisheries Service That Has What You Need

National Marine Fisheries Service

Does it seem like you can’t find all of the commercial fishing permits that you need in one place? Has it been a struggle to acquire the permits for your commercial fishing business? When we started our site, we wanted to make it “The” Commercial Fishing Permits Center. That means not “The Atlantic Ocean Commercial Fishing Permits Center,” or “The Alaskan Commercial Fishing Permits Center.” No, at our site, you can find the permits you need from just about anywhere around the United States (and even a little beyond). We’re an independent, private firm not affiliated with the National Marine Fisheries Service or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Our mission is to make it easier, faster, and more convenient to send and process documentation to those entities.

Truly National Marine Fisheries Service

If you go to our home page, you’ll see that we offer permits for Alaska, the Atlantic Region, the South Region, the West Coast Region, and the Pacific Island Region. It’s important to note just how large some of those regions are. For example, the “Atlantic” region covers New England as well as the “Mid-Atlantic,” which extends further south. Speaking of the “South,” the South Region includes the South Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico, and even the Caribbean. Going all the way across the country (literally), the “Pacific Island” region includes Guam, American Samoa, Hawaii, Northern Mariana, and other locations. Basically, if you want to fish around the United States, we’ve got the permits to make that happen. 

National Marine Fisheries Service

Beyond Just Commercial Fishing Permits: Documentation 

The above having been said, in many cases, if you want to fish around the United States legally, you need more than just the right permit. Specifically, you may also need to document your vessel and get a Certificate of Registration. We designed the Commercial Fishing Permits Center to be a one-stop-shop for commercial fishing professionals. So, at our site, you can also register your vessel with the Coast Guard as well. Moreover, you can renew that documentation, too. In fact, you can do so for years in advance. 

A Team On Your Side 

Filling out commercial fishing permits can feel like a lonely endeavor as if you’re doing this entirely on your own. That’s not the case, however. We have an entire team that’s ready to help you. For example, once you send your forms to us, they go to our document processing team. They’ll find and fix any typos, small errors, or something of that nature – so you don’t have to worry about those slowing you down. 

The Best Day to Get Started with Your Commercial Fishing Permits Process 

If you’re like many commercial fishing professionals, it’s easy to procrastinate on filling out these forms. After all, whenever you sit down to do them, you may feel like there’s something else you’d rather do instead. That said, to be able to fish how and where you want, you may need to send these in pronto. We aim to make the entire process easier on commercial fishing professionals like yourself. Fill them out from anywhere and on practically any kind of device. Do you have questions? We can answer them at (866) 292-4204. 

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