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Commercial Fishing Permits

Owning a commercial fishing business requires attention to a lot of details, many of which occur when you fill out paperwork or other documents. It can be a bit of work to get everything done, especially if there are different portals for everything. The good news is that our site has everything you need for your commercial fishing permits in one easy-to-use location. Keep reading to find out how it works and why it’s such a good idea for you. 

Easy Documentation

You know that your commercial fishing boat must be registered with the United States Coast Guard. That means going through the registration process, which is why we developed our site to help you. Here, you can find all of the permits you need for federal and state purposes and can complete them, as well as submit them all at the same time in one easy place. Not only does this simplify the process, but it also makes it much faster. 

Expedited Process

Instead of downloading the form online, fill it out by hand, and then mailing it in, our site makes it faster to submit your permit applications and renewals, with a dramatic reduction in processing time. You also have the option to rush the processing and get your forms at the front of the line (for a fee). If you end up with expired permits, it can interfere with your business and your income so using our site expedites the process and gets your permits to you faster and more efficiently. 

Professional Resources

We also have people who can help you with fixing errors and mistakes by looking over the forms before submission. This can delay your documentation approval and can sometimes result in additional fees, so it’s best to be sure your paperwork is accurate and ready before turning it in for processing. If we can’t fix the errors for you, our professionals will contact you to clarify information and get the correct data. This ensures that when your documents are handed off, they are completely ready to go. 

Commercial Fishing Permits

Things to Keep in Mind

There are a variety of commercial fishing permits and the one you need depends on where you fish and the species you are fishing for. If you catch more than one breed, you may need permits for each of them. It’s important to also watch for the expiration dates on your commercial fishing permits. Expired permits may sideline you while you wait for new ones so it’s always advised to keep a calendar that alerts you when expiration is approaching so you can start your renewal paperwork well ahead of time. 

Staying on top of your commercial fishing permits is part of being a responsible boat owner. We are here to help. Contact the Commercial Fishing Permit Center today and we’ll assist you with the process and answer all of your questions. And we do all of that on our website – your one-stop shop for your commercial fishing needs. 

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