About the Notice of Claim of Lien for a Commercial Vessel

about the notice of claim of lien for a commercial vessel

Commercial fishing is a rigorous and demanding profession. Beyond the toll that it can take on the human body, it can also prove especially taxing on a commercial vessel. Between long stretches at sea and turbulent weather, these boats regularly require maintenance and repair. When an individual or business is tasked with repairing such a boat and the owner does not pay them what they are owed, there is a legal recourse for this. By filing a Notice of Claim of Lien on a vessel, you can take legal action to recover funds for uncompensated work.

Unpaid invoices can be uniquely frustrating. You work hard and you expect to be paid, on time and in full. While the majority of your customers will act in good faith and pay you what has been agreed upon, sometimes delinquency can occur. If you have found yourself in such a situation, the Commercial Fishing Permits Center can help. Read on to learn more.

about the notice of claim of lien for a commercial vessel

What is a Notice of Claim of Lien for a Vessel?

When you file a Notice of Claim of Lien, you are essentially letting a commercial vessel’s owner know that they owe you money in a legal document. There are a number of reasons or scenarios in which this claim can be issued. Unpaid crew can go this route when they do not receive their wages. Unpaid freight can also result in a Notice of Claim of Lien. In some cases, when a personal injury occurs on-board a boat, a claim can also be filed.

Regardless of your personal circumstances that have brought to the point of considering this legal proceeding, you may want to consult with an attorney. As these can quickly become complex legal affairs, you are going to want a knowledgeable voice in your corner advising you on how to navigate the process.

What Happens When a Claim is Filed Against a Commercial Vessel?

The major way in which a Notice of Claim of Lien is effective is that it will appear in the abstract of a vessel’s title. Should the boat’s owner try to sell it, any potential buyer will see this and it will undoubtedly raise some red flags. This is often enough of a scare tactic to get the owner to pay what is necessary to remove the lien.

Prior to submitting a Notice of Claim of Lien, you will need to inform the boat’s owner–as well as the mortgage holder, if they have one–about your intent to file. Again, it is prudent to hire a lawyer to help you in this process.

Do You Need Commercial Fishing Permits? We Can Help

If you need to file a Notice of Claim of Lien, the Commercial Fishing Permits Center can help. We offer an easy-to-fill web template that can assist you in drawing up this document. If you need other commercial fishing licenses or permits, we can also assist with that. We have a plethora of online forms to obtain permits in all major United States commercial fishing regions. Contact us today for more information. 

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