Acquire Western Pacific Island Federal Commercial Fishing Permits Easily

Commercial Fishing Permits

Are you thinking about expanding your commercial fishing business into the Pacific Island regions? Does it feel like it’s all too much work to find the Commercial Fishing Permits that you need? We’ve got your back. Over the years, we’ve supported fishing professionals worldwide, enabling them to navigate the “regulatory seas” (so to speak) while they pursue their catch in full compliance with governing authorities. The Pacific Island Region harbors a distinctive set of regulations and guidelines, all of which can be covered by our forms. 

Western Pacific Island Federal Commercial Fishing: Diverse Species and Prospects

Acknowledging that fishing ventures in the Pacific often entails targeting a variety of species, we do everything we can to offer a comprehensive array of permits tailored to your needs. Here, you will discover the necessary permits to pursue Pelagic Squid, Deepwater Shrimp, Lobsters, Precious Corals, as well as a General Longline permit within the waters of the Pacific. 

Securing Permits for Harvesting HMS in Specific High Seas Zones

If you want to fish for highly migratory species (HMS) within the purview of the WCPFC (Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission) Convention Area, then a valid Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission Area Endorsement is necessary. To explain, the “WCPFC Convention Area” encompasses “all Pacific Ocean waters delineated to the south and east by an imaginary line extending due south from the southern coast of Australia, tracing the 141st meridian of east longitude until it intersects the 55th parallel of south latitude.” In possession of a bona fide High Seas Fishing Compliance Act Permit, you can fish for what you want how you want. 

Venturing Beyond the Western Pacific Islands

The “Western Pacific Island Region,” as teeming as it is with opportunity, isn’t the only region with plenty of fish. To that end, we offer the “Foreign EEZ” form. This commercial fishing permit empowers you to harvest highly migratory species within the WCPFC Convention Area, even in regions under the jurisdiction of countries other than the United States. This flexibility allows you to cast your nets far and wide, cultivating profits from virtually anywhere.

Commercial Fishing Permits

A Streamlined Approach to Obtaining Fishing Permits for Your Business

In pursuit of a streamlined experience, the Commercial Fishing Permits Center operates as a digital platform that transcends geographical boundaries. From the comfort of your location, provided you have an internet connection, you can complete the requisite forms in just a few minutes. That’s true no matter if you’re at port, on land, in a meeting, or anywhere else. 

That said, don’t worry about typos, mistakes, or anything of that nature. Our document processing team can catch those before they have the chance to slow the process of your documentation. Our team will not just find those errors but fix them as well, reaching out to you if necessary. To see everything that we have to offer for your commercial fishing operation, check out our site.  

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