Alaska Commercial Fishing Permits Chinook Salmon

alaska commercial fishing permits

Are you looking to get into fishing Chinook Salmon commercially in Alaska? Have you reached the point where just about everything is in order, and all you need are the right Alaska commercial fishing permits? We know that acquiring the right permits for the Alaskan region isn’t always easy. That’s why we created a site for professional fisherpeople such as yourselves. Here, you can get all of the permits you need to fish what you want to fish, in and around Alaska as well as beyond. 

Alaska Commercial Fishing Permits 

There are big Pacific salmon and then there are Chinook salmon. These are the absolute, on average, biggest of Pacific salmon. For the most part, their weight exceeds thirty pounds and they measure more than three feet in length. Chinook salmon tend to make their way into the ocean, but they don’t all do it one year. “Ocean-type Chinook salmon” do so in their first year, but “Stream-types” spend an entire year in freshwater before heading out to the ocean. Regardless of when they get there, you’ll be able to fish them with the right permit. 

Why You Need This Permit 

The Alaskan fishing authorities had been looking for a way to minimize chum salmon and Chinook bycatch in the Bering Sea pollock fisher as much as possible. However, they also wanted to make sure that it was possible to have a full harvest of pollock total allowable catch, all while staying within the limits of prohibited species catch. These permits allow you to legally fish for Chinook salmon in Alaska without worry. 

How We Can Help 

Simply put, we make it easy to fill out the forms you need to fill out. You can find them all right at our site. Just click on “Alaska,” then scroll down to “Alaska Chinook Salmon Bycatch Efish.” From there, pick the right form for your needs. It could be the “Groundfish/Halibut CDQ and Prohibited Species Quota (PSQ) Transfer Request,” or alternatively it could be the “Application for Transfer of Bering Sea Chinook Salmon PSC Allocations.” If you didn’t already know, when it comes to commercial fishing permits in Alaska, the details matter. Should you have any questions about these forms, it’s best to reach out to us. We can walk you through your situation, to figure out exactly which forms are right for you right now. 

Multiple Alaska Commercial Fishing Permits 

If you clicked on “Alaska” at our site, then you probably saw that we have far, far more Alaskan fishing permits than just those for Chinook salmon. While fishing Chinook salmon is a great way to make a living, if you’re like many commercial fishing professionals, at one point or another, it could be time for a change. Should that be the case, you’ll be able to find all of the other forms that you might need for your business at our site as well. If you have questions about Chinook salmon fishing or anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (866) 292-4204 or send us an email on our site.


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