Alaska Commercial Fishing Permits for Halibut & What to Know

Alaska commercial fishing permits

Have you been looking for Alaska commercial fishing permits but can’t find all of the ones you’re looking for? Does it seem like every method of going about getting commercial fishing permits for Alaska is more challenging than the last? The Commercial Fishing Permits Center was designed specifically for commercial fishing professionals. We wanted to make this process easier for the folks that work, day in and day out. There are so many great commercial fishing opportunities in Alaska. In this blog, we wanted to highlight a big one: halibut. 

Staying on Top of Alaska Commercial Fishing Permits Changes 

We know that, with your commercial fishing business, you’re, well, busy. With everything you have to do, you shouldn’t have to be up to date on all of the (seemingly) constantly changing minutiae involved with commercial fishing permits. That’s our job. We can take care of that for you. Case in point: the new for 2020 Charter Halibut Permit Annual Registration Requirement. Now, Charter Halibut Permits must be registered annually with the authorities starting in 2020. Once you’ve gotten that registration, you need to have that on board before you ever even catch any halibut. As with so many other permits and forms, we can help. 

Always Improving the Process for Our Customers 

Alaska is, in many ways, different from the rest of the country. It certainly is in regards to commercial fishing. For example, they have their own North Pacific Fishery Management Council. Recently (as in, within two weeks of this writing) they made recommendations to the authorities about making changes to Federal fishing regulations. If those go through, and if they affect our customers, we’ll be there to make sure that our customers know what they need to know before they commit to anything. That’s our commitment to commercial fishing pros in Alaska, as well as those in New England, the Gulf of Mexico, and elsewhere. 

Halibut in Alaska: Opportunity Swims 

One thing that hasn’t changed: how great Alaskan Halibut can be for your business. There’s an opportunity available now, as they’re at recommended levels. In and around Alaska, they’re perhaps most commonly found in the central Gulf of Alaska. If you’ve spent any time around Kodiak Island, you know how many Halibut are there. The fishing season tends to last from March to November, giving you plenty of time to have a big season. 

Commercial Fishing in Alaska and Beyond 

Commercial fishing permits and the regulations they adhere to are constantly changing. Changing seasons, species, and more – there’s so much that goes into these. The last thing we would ever want is for commercial fishing pros like yourself to be negatively impacted by changes you were unaware of. When regulations are altered, we’ll make sure our forms and permits are updated in accordance with those changes. Should you have any questions about any of this, our professionals are more than ready to help. You can reach our staff at (866) 292-4204 or fill out our contact form on our site.


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