Alaska Department of Fish and Game on Winter Fishing and How We Can Help

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Have you been looking to expand into commercial fishing in Alaska during the winter months? Or, alternatively, do you want to be able to fish commercially in Alaska when the weather is at its coldest. Recently, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game put out this guide as to what fishing is in season. Here at the Commercial Fishing Permits Center, we have a series of permits that you may need to be able to fish for what you want in and around Alaska. 

Groundfish and Cod: Year Round Opportunity 

Depending on where you are in Alaska, you may be able to fish for Pacific Cod throughout the year. That said, you may have to do so in different methods. For example, you can fish for cod in Southeast Alaska year round, provided that you do it with jig/pot/longline methods. You can do the same for Pacific Cod in Yakutat as well. Pot/jig methods enable you to fish throughout the year on the Alaskan Peninsula for cod,, too. 

Alaska Department of Fish and Game Shellfish Rules 

When it comes to shellfish, there are places as well as methods that you can use to fish for the species that you want. For example, in the Cook Inlet, you can shovel fish for razor clam year round. In that same area, you can rake fish for hardshell clams in all months but January and February. 

In Southeast Alaska, you can dive for geoducks as well as red urchins whenever you would like. Off the Alaska Peninsula, you can fish for shrimp by pot all year long. But, from January 1st through March 15th as well as May 15th through New Year’s Eve, you can fish for shrimp by trawling as well. 

A Permits Center for Professionals 

Essentially wherever you would like to fish in Alaska, you can do so through the permits at our site. Here, we have just about everything you might need to be able to fish for what you would like in Alaskan waters. 

While we offer fishing permits for all throughout America, we offer more permits, forms, and the like for Alaska. That’s for many reasons, not the least of which is how the fishing is just so bountiful there. We have helped so many commercial fishing professionals to be in compliance with the powers that be in Alaska. Now we can do the same for you. 

Year Round Fishing, Year Round Access 

When it comes to commercial fishing, Alaska waters present opportunities that go beyond what you can find just about anywhere else in North America and beyond. Not only do we offer the forms that you may need for Alaska, but we also offer an easier method for USCG documentation as well. 

To see all of the ways that we can help you and your commercial fishing business to get in compliance and stay that way, we invite you to check out our site today.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

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