Alaska Federal Commercial Fishing Facts: Waters of Opportunity

alaska federal commercial fishing

Do you fish commercially in Alaska? Or, do you want to do more commercial fishing in Alaska, yet also want the permit process to be simpler and easier? The amount of fishing opportunities in Alaskan waters is almost difficult to comprehend. Over the years, Alaska tends to produce more than half of America’s commercial fisheries. That’s a lot of opportunities. There’s a reason that we offer so many Alaska federal commercial fishing permits and licenses. There’s never been a better time to get involved with Alaskan commercial fishing. We can help. 

Jobs and Ports Abound 

The above “more than half” number comes from a real place: Alaska’s annual seafood harvest. To that end, it tends to produce, year in and year out, somewhere between five to six billion pounds of fish. 

Not surprisingly, Alaska claiming five of the top ten fishing ports in the United States, judged solely on seafood landed volume. This leads to real opportunities for commercial fishing professionals from all walks of life. Indeed, there are annually more than 58,000 people working as commercial fishing professionals in Alaska (that doesn’t even count the ten thousand or so secondary jobs).

alaska federal commercial fishing 

Helping Alaska Federal Commercial Fishing, Helping Alaska 

Beyond providing opportunities in terms of jobs, commercial fishing in Alaska also provides real opportunities in terms of the local economy, too. For example, Alsakan commercial fishing permit holders have been found to live throughout the state, in any of 210 communities. For so many coastal Alaskan communities, seafood is the core economy. That revenue isn’t just seen in fish sold, but also local taxes (state and local ones, as well as business taxes and more). It’s impossible to overstate how much fishing means to Alaska and Alskanans (as well as America and the world). 

Permits for Species in Alaska 

At our site, we offer literally dozens of different commercial fishing permits in Alaska. We offer commonly used forms (such as the Alaskan Amendment 80 eFish) but also those that might be used by fewer commercial fishing professionals but are vitally important to those who do use them (such as an application for the “Alaska Prohibited Species Donation Program Application”). If you want to help the Alaskan economy (to say nothing of your own economy/bottom line) we have the Alaskan commercial fishing documentation to make exactly that happen. 

A Better Way to Get the Alaskan Permits You’ll Need 

With so much opportunity in Alaskan waters, there are, understandably, so many who offer ways for you to get your Alaska fishing permits online. With that in mind, we do everything we can to stand out from the rest. That means making it possible for you to fill out these forms from anywhere. Since our site is optimized for mobile devices, you’ll be able to complete these forms from anywhere (and on any device) as long as your device is connected to the internet. To see all of the ways we make it easier to get the forms you need in Alaska and elsewhere, head to our site. 

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