Alaska Federal Fishing Permit: Pricing, Benefits, and More

alaska federal fishing permit

Are you looking to get in on fishing opportunities in Alaska? As a commercial fishing professional, have you been searching for a better way to take care of the permits you need? We designed the Commercial Fishing Permits Center to make it easier for commercial fishing professionals like yourself to get the permits they need for fishing all across America. Of course, that includes Alaska, which has as much fish (as well as opportunity) as anywhere in the country. The Alaska federal fishing permit is one of our most popular forms for a variety of reasons. 

Who This Permit is For 

If you want to fish for groundfish in the Bering Sea, Aleutian Islands, or in the Gulf of Alaska, then you’re going to want this permit. You’ll need this to fish for any non-groundfish species as well. Should you want to retain any bycatch of groundfish, you will also be required to have this permit. As you can see, it has many different uses. 

alaska federal fishing permit

The Difference Between an Alaska Federal Fishing Permit and a Processor Permit 

Do you operate any processing vessels that operate solely within Alaska State waters (A. K. A. stationary floating processors) or any shoreside processors that receive or processor groundfish harvested from Federal waters? Then this isn’t the permit you’ll need. Rather, you’ll require an Alaska Federal Processor Permit. You can find the application for these forms as well at our site. 

Species this Permit Covers 

As you may know, the definition of groundfish is more or less any kind of marine finfish (fish with fins) with the exclusion of herring, salmonids, halibut, and others. So, this includes species like pollock, Pacific cod, sablefish, lingcod, sablefish, and more. Indeed, several rockfish and flatfish species fall under this title, too. However, as mentioned, this permit covers plenty of non-groundfish species, too. Specifically, that’s salmon species such as Chinook, Chum, Coho, Sockeye, and Pink. It also includes Pacific Herring, Pacific Halibut, and more. By providing a way to fish for so many species, it’s no wonder these permits are so popular. 

A Home for Alaskan Fishing Permits 

That said, we offer as many different permits, licenses, and more for Alaska as any region in America because there’s so much fishing opportunity in Alaska. As of this writing, our site has dozens of forms, making it possible to fish for Alaskan Scallop, crab in the BSAI (Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands) region, rockfish in the Gulf of Alaska, and so much more. 

Beyond Alaska 

Even though we offer so many different permits for fishing in Alaska, we named our company the “Commercial Fishing Permits Center,” and not “The Commercial Fishing Permits Center for Alaska.” you can find all of the permits you might need to fish practically anywhere throughout the United States. From New England to the West Coast, the Caribbean to California, and just about anywhere else in between – if there’s a commercial fishing opportunity in America, we can help you to take advantage of it. To see all that we offer, head to our site. 

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