All You Need to Know About Commercial Fisheries in California

commercial fisheries

Seafood is a staple in the diet of many California residents. What most do not realize, however, is that much of that seafood is caught right here at local commercial fisheries. If you are considering getting into the commercial fishing business–which can be a profitable if physically demanding line of work–you should get to know more about California’s commercial and industrial fisheries.

A Significant Piece of the State’s Economy

Aside from providing consumers with the seafood they crave, commercial fishing is also a cornerstone of California’s economy. Some 120,000 jobs–on- and off-shore–are produced by commercial fishing on the California coastline, supporting livelihoods and creating lifelong careers. It is estimated that more than $200 million is paid out to commercial fishermen annually thanks to local fisheries.

commercial fisheries

Different Types of Commercial Fisheries

Just as there are different types of seafood at your local market or grocery store, so too are there different types of industrial fisheries in California. Most often, fisheries are separated by species (or group of species), region or geography fished, and the commercial fishing methods used.

There are unique and overlapping rules and regulations for California’s fisheries. For example, fishermen accessing the California Sea Urchin Fishery must adhere to limitations imposed concerning fishing methods. The idea behind these regulations is to preserve the often delicate ecosystems in place in California’s fisheries. By taking steps to take care of the environment, we can ensure that our fisheries will be robust for future generations of fishermen.

The Seasonality of California Fisheries

You may be familiar with the concept of seasonality as it applies to, say, hunting. Within some seasons, you are legally permitted to hunt certain games. This typically coincides with the optimal times of year to bag the game you are looking for. This is also true for fisheries. The simple fact is, some times of year are better than others for catching different types of fish.

The state of California regulates the seasonality of its fisheries by considering a few different factors. Firstly, market demand must be considered, as people tend to buy different types of seafood at different points of the year. Secondly, there are regulations to consider when determining the type of fishing possible during the season in question. And thirdly, resource availability must be considered–are there enough fishermen on-hand to tackle the season’s catch? Without the necessary manpower, the demands of California consumers cannot be met.

Get the Commercial Fishing Permits You Need 

As commercial fishing is a highly-regulated industry, you should be prepared to navigate the licenses, registrations, and permits that come with it. Before you start packing up your gear to hit the coastline, make sure you have the permits you need. At the Commercial Fishing Permits Center, we offer a great number of easy-to-fill online forms, so you can get your documentation submitted to the appropriate agency promptly. Feel free to explore our website, or contact one of our customer service representatives today with any questions you may have.

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