Amendment 80 Permit Application for Replacement: Fish How You Want

Amendment 80 Permit Application

Do you have an Amendment 80 permit and are thinking it might be time to see a replacement? Have you been contemplating vessel replacement while ensuring your compliance remains intact? Navigating the renewal or replacement of any commercial fishing permit can be a challenge. That certainly can be true for the renewal of an Amendment 80 permit application. However, we can help. 

We designed our Commercial Fishing Permits Center to be a sanctuary for simplifying the intricate processes faced by commercial fishing professionals. That’s true whether it’s for renewing an Amendment 80 permit or tackling any other bureaucratic hurdle.

Essentials for Vessel Replacement Under Amendment 80

Embarking on the journey of replacing your vessel under Amendment 80 requires meticulous adherence to specific criteria. For example, your vessel can’t exceed 295 feet in length overall. If uncertainty looms, a prudent step is to measure and verify.

Moreover, the replacement vessel must boast a pedigree of being built in the United States – a prerequisite that extends to any instances of reconstruction. Whether it’s a complete overhaul or minor refurbishments, if your vessel has undergone any form of rebuilding, it must bear the stamp of being reconstructed on U.S. soil. 

Validating ownership is another important aspect. This can be achieved through possession of the Certificate of Documentation or a USCG Abstract of Title – documents we can help you to apply for on our user-friendly platform.

Understanding the Scope of Amendment 80

In short, Amendment 80 bestows the opportunity to expand your fishing horizons in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Island areas  This makes it possible to fish for a broader spectrum of species. 

There are limits. For example,. There are catch limits for prohibited species of crab and halibut. It also exerts a significant influence on groundfish species fishing, impacting the likes of rock sole, yellowfin sole, flathead sole, Aleutian Islands Pacific Ocean perch, and more. If your fishing endeavors involve these species in the designated areas, it can be a good idea to get into compliance with Amendment 80.

Streamlining the Process for Commercial Fishing Professionals

It’s safe to assume that you didn’t venture into Alaskan waters with the goal of becoming more proficient at paperwork. Recognizing this, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that completing these forms aligns seamlessly with your schedule. 

Our site is not just user-friendly; it’s mobile-optimized, allowing you to fill out forms from any location with an internet connection – yes, even while out on the water.

Amendment 80 Permit Application

More Than Just a Hub for an Amendment 80 Permit Application 

For many of our valued customers, Amendment 80 permits are just one facet of their fishing pursuits. At our site, you can not only acquire the necessary permits but also renew or replace them hassle-free. 

Our commercial fishing permit platform is designed to be your agile companion in adapting to the ever-shifting tides of the fishing industry. We’re here to make your commercial fishing journey smoother and more efficient. To see all of the ways we can help, click here. 


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