Amendment 80: What You Need to Know

Amendment 80

Amendment 80? How many amendments have there been to the Constitution?” We’ve heard some variation of this question many times over the last few years. The truth is that this amendment has “changed the game,” so to speak, when it comes to Bering Sea and Aleutian Island fishing. Here at the Commercial Fishing Permits Center, we can help you to get and keep all of the permits you need to be able to fish where and what you’d like to. 

Amendment 80 Explained 

This amendment was written and adopted with many goals in mind. Chief among them, the idea of improving the retention and utilization of fishery resources by the non-American Fisheries Act trawl catcher/processor fleet by extending the groundfish retention standard to non–American Fisheries Act trawl catcher/processor vessels of all lengths.  Additionally, it was meant to authorize allocating groundfish species to harvesting cooperatives as well as establishing a limited access privilege program for non-American Fisheries Act trawl/catcher/processors to reduce groundfish retention standard compliance costs. Beneath all of the goals rest these ideas: increasing the value of harvested species while boosting fishing practices with lower discard rates. 

The Species it Effects 

You might have read that and thought: “OK, but how does that apply to me and my vessel?” Well, if you’re in the Bering Sea or the Aleutian Islands, it could affect your fishing Flathead sole, Rock sole, Pacific cod, Yellowfin sole, Aleutian Islands Pacific Ocean perch, or Atka mackerel. In some cases, this amendment even modifies halibut and crab prohibited species catch limits. If you have any questions about this particular fishing permit (or any others) don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll be more than glad to answer questions about eligibility and more. 

How We Can Help 

We know that when it comes to fishing permits, information can be confusing and opaque (at best). As you probably know, there are many different forms related to this amendment. To help more commercial fishing professionals like yourself get into compliance, we offer efish forms such as Flatfish Exchange Applications, Amendment Quota Share Applications, Amendment Quota Share Transfer Applications, Cooperative Quota Permit Applications, INtercoopratierve Transfer Cooperative Quota, vessel replacement, and limited access permit. Basically, if there’s a form you need that has something to do with this amendment, we’ve got you covered. 

A Catalog of Commercial Fishing Permits 

As you can see from this amendment, the rules and regulations behind commercial fishing can change quickly. On the water, the fish can move from one area to another. When they do, you go along with them. The same can be said of your commercial fishing business. For example, should you get the above forms and then decide to no longer fish these kinds of species in the Bering Sea and the Aleutian Islands, we can help you there, too. You can find all of the forms you’ll need at our site for fishing in Alaska or just about anywhere else in or around the United States. For more: (866) 292-4204 or send us an email. 


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