Atlantic Commercial Fishing Permits to Catch What You Want

atlantic commercial fishing permits

For centuries, people have made a living fishing in the Atlantic. From New England to the Carolinas and beyond, they were able to bring back the kind of fish that people love and depend on. Today is no different. Over the years, the technology and methods have advanced, but so too have the necessary permits. We’ve made it possible to take care of all of the Atlantic commercial fishing permits you might need right here in one place. 

Atlantic Commercial Fishing Permits for So Much of the Atlantic 

When we say that these are “Atlantic fishing permits,” we mean it. To use just one example, we offer a permit called “Smoothhound Shark Commercial Fishing Permit (Open Access).” With this form, you can fish the sort of Smoothhound Shark that will help your business. As a highly migratory species, these fish are on the move throughout the Atlantic. So, this permit allows you to go where the fish do. Specifically, this permit allows you to fish them in the Mid-Atlantic, the South Atlantic, and even the Gulf of Mexico. Basically, if the Smoothhound Shark goes anywhere throughout the Atlantic, you’ll be able to fish them there. 

More than Commercial Fishing Permits 

You might have read to this point and thought: “I don’t really fish for Smoothhound Shark.” That’s why we offer so many other kinds of options. For example, we offer permits that allow you to make money catching Rock Shrimp in the Carolinas Zone. We offer many permits like this at our site, the kind of permit that won’t be perfect for every commercial fishing company, but will be absolutely perfect for certain commercial fishing companies. With this permit, you can fish for Rock Shrimp on the coast of North Carolina and South Carolina. That’s it. That’s the only place you can fish these rock shrimp. Additionally, you can’t possess a Rock Shrimp (South Atlantic EEZ) permit in conjunction with this one on the same vessel. By offering more forms like this, we’re able to help more commercial fishing companies. 

Easier Access with the Authorities 

Dealing with the NOAA isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be downright difficult. If you go through all of your business through the course of a day, “dealing with NOAA” is probably at the bottom, the kind of thing that you procrastinate on. That’s certainly understandable. Indeed, it’s a major reason that our company exists. We wanted to make it easier for commercial fishing pros just like you to deal with the NOAA. That’s what our site is all about. 

From the South Atlantic to the North 

Just because this blog dealt primarily with forms about fishing for rock shrimp off of the coast of the Carolinas and something similar that we don’t have permits for elsewhere in the Atlantic. The opposite is true. If you look at our site, Commercial Fishing Permits you’ll find that we have plenty of forms for fishing in the New England area and beyond. For more: (866) 292-4204. 

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