Atlantic Commercial Fishing Permits to Stay in the Black with Atlantic Bluefish

atlantic commercial fishing permits

Are you looking for the right Atlantic commercial fishing permits for your vessel? Have you been searching for a way to find the correct permits for fishing Atlantic Bluefish and other lucrative kinds of fish? The Atlantic has been fished for centuries if not longer. There’s still opportunity in those waves. However, to be able to do it legally, you need to have the right permits. That’s where we come in. We can help you to have the proper permits to allow you to catch all of the fish you want. 

Atlantic Commercial Fishing Permits for Atlantic Bluefish 

As you probably know, you’re going to need a permit to fish Atlantic Bluefish commercially. If you plan on catching them, transporting them, landing them, possessing them, or even selling and trading them, you’re going to need a permit. However, what some fishing professionals we’ve spoken to are sometimes surprised to hear, you will also need a permit if you’re going to fish them “recreationally” as well. For the purposes of this permit, that means you have a vessel that carries passengers for hire. 

Who Can Get This Permit 

Simply put, you can get this permit so long as you have a valid vessel operator’s permit. Now, the bluefish that are caught can only be told to someone who is in possession of a valid federal bluefish dealer permit. Additionally, you may want to check if it’s necessary for you to get what’s called a “Commercial Operator Permit.” These kinds of cards are necessary, should you be operating processor vessels, carrier vessels, and other forms of commercial vessels that have been issued a vessel permit for the Greater Atlantic Region and are fishing for it in possession of these fish. That’s also true if you’re operating a charter/party boat, too. 

What to Know About Atlantic Bluefish 

There’s a wide stretch of ocean in which you can find Atlantic Bluefish. From eastern Florida all the way up the eastern coast of the United States to Maine, you can find these fish. As of this writing, these fish have been classified as “significantly below target population levels.” However, the “Fishing Status” is also at the recommended level, so you will still be able to fish them. That said, there is an annual catch limit and the majority of the catch has been allocated, by the authorities, to the recreational fisheries. 

Fishing Permits in the Atlantic and Beyond 

You may have read the above paragraphs, from the eligibility requirements through the “annual catch limit” and thought: “this all feels like a lot.” That’s perfectly understandable. Regulation, whether it’s for your vessel, your fishing, or anything else, can be confusing. However, that’s where we can help. With our site, you can fill out the permits to catch Atlantic Bluefish (or just about anything else) anywhere you have an internet connection. If you’d like to talk to a member of our expert staff about this or anything else, you can reach us at (866) 292-4204 or send us an email. 

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