Commercial Fishing

How Our Commercial Fishing Sites Helps Commercial Fishing Pros

The fishing industry plays an important role in the world economy in general and the United States in particular. As with every other industry that brings money to the country, the government makes sure to regulate and ensure a healthy level of competition and a safe environment for commercial fishermen. Occasional pieces of paperwork will,…

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Commercial Fishing

A Better Way to Handle Commercial Fishing Documentation

It is not simple to manage a commercial fishing business. You can end up buried under a sea of paperwork instead of navigating the water yourself with your crew. As a business owner, you may as well be tasked with lots of responsibilities. A crew to look after, a payroll to manage, equipment to be in…

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Maine Commercial Fishing Permits

Commercial Fishing Permits for Every Region in Maine

Maine, the United States’ northeastern state is known for its rocky coastline, maritime history, and nature areas, like the Acadia National Park. For that reason, the state offers industrial fishing opportunities that are unmatched in other states of the US. If you want to be sure that your fishing operations are getting the maximum value…

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Pennsylvania Commercial Fishing

Pennsylvania Commercial Fishing Permits You Need to Know

Although Pennsylvania is one of the states in America that doesn’t have any access to the coastline, it does have access to Lake Erie and plenty of rivers, like the Susquehanna or the Ohio river. Such is so, a recent research concluded that anglers and hunters contribute to the state economy with 1.5 billion dollars…

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Vessel Abstract of Title

Vessel Abstract of Title for Commercial Fishing in the US

A vessel abstract of title is a record of all the documents that were submitted to the United States Coast Guard for a specific boat. In other words, it serves the purpose of a complete synopsis of the historical events related to the ship, such as the changes of ownership, mortgages, and lien recordings. In…

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Maryland Commercial Fishing License

What is a Maryland Commercial Fishing License?

Many many years ago, the first fishermen used to fish with sticks. Shortly after, they designed the fishing rod, created boats to go further in the sea to catch bigger fish, and so on. But while the fishing techniques revolutionized, so did the civilization. And soon after people started getting fish not only for their…

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Commercial Fishing Licenses in Georgia

How to Obtain a Commercial Fishing License in Georgia?

Historically, Georgia’s marine ecosystem and coastal production have backed up commercial fisheries, with the blue crabs as the most trapped species. Fishermen have, however, also harvested a high number of fish and shellfish species and compose a vital part of the state economy. Nevertheless, the constant regulations have devastated the industry, by raising the operating…

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NJ Commercial Fishing Permits

NJ Commercial Fishing Permits: Why Do You Need Them?

Fishing has a rich history in New Jersey. For over 300 years, the state’s fishermen have been bringing home some of the finest fish caught anywhere in the world. The seafood industry that grew up along the state’s coastline shaped how a large part of the landscape would come to look, with fishing villages evolving…

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Louisiana Commercial Fishing Permits

How Do You Get a Louisiana Commercial Fishing Permit Online?

Being the 4th largest country in the world, it is no surprise that the United States has a great degree of coast to cover. For that reason, the different states, especially the ones on the coasts, need to administer the fishing activities if they want to preserve their ecosystems. Louisiana, in the southern region of…

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