Alaska commercial fishing permits

Alaska Commercial Fishing Permits for Halibut & What to Know

Have you been looking for Alaska commercial fishing permits but can’t find all of the ones you’re looking for? Does it seem like every method of going about getting commercial fishing permits for Alaska is more challenging than the last? The Commercial Fishing Permits Center was designed specifically for commercial fishing professionals. We wanted to…

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noaa permits

NOAA Permits to Fish on the High Seas

Are you searching for the right permit to fish on the “high seas?” Does it seem like each of the NOAA permits sites you look at overpromise and underdeliver? We’ve found that’s all too common in this industry. At our site, we offer commercial fishing permits for commercial fishing professionals of all kinds. That means…

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participate in a great federal fishery with this commercial fishing permit

This Commercial Fishing Permit Allows Participation in a Great Federal Fishery

Have you been looking to get into a federal fishery that gives you real flexibility? Does it feel like every site that claims to make the “commercial fishing permit process” easier actually just makes it more difficult to navigate? There’s so much opportunity out there, right now, for commercial fishing professionals. It would be a…

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Amendment 80

Amendment 80: What You Need to Know

“Amendment 80? How many amendments have there been to the Constitution?” We’ve heard some variation of this question many times over the last few years. The truth is that this amendment has “changed the game,” so to speak, when it comes to Bering Sea and Aleutian Island fishing. Here at the Commercial Fishing Permits Center,…

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