Caribbean Federal Commercial Fishing Permits to Fish How You Want

caribbean federal commercial fishing

Are you growing your fishing operation in the Caribbean? Do you already fish there but want to make the entire Caribbean federal commercial fishing permits process easier? While there may not be all that many commercial fishing permits available in the Caribbean, there sure is plenty of opportunities. You can find all of the permits you need for the area right at our site. Moreover, you’ll find a simple, direct, and fast way to get them in, too. 


Colombian Treaty Water Commercial Fishing Permit (Open Access) 


There are some commercial fishing permits that allow for commercial fishing operations in specific areas, and then there’s the Colombian Treat Water Commercial Fishing Permit (Open Access). This particular permit means that you can fish in one or more of the following: (a) Quita Sueno, which is enclosed by lat 13 degrees 55’N and 14 degrees 43’N. Between long 80 degrees 55’W and 81 degrees 28’ W. (B), in this, is Serrana, enclosed by arcs 12 nautical miles from the low waterline of the cays and islands in the general area of 14 degrees 22’N lat 80 degrees 20’ W long. There is a ( C ), Roncador, as well. If you have questions about this area and its specificity (or anything else) don’t hesitate to call us. 


HMS Caribbean Commercial Small Boat Commercial Fishing Permit (Open Access) 


Our other available Caribbean permit, let you fish for specific species in and around Puerto Rico and the U. S. VirginIslands. However, there are very specific guidelines to this as well. For one, the phrase “small boat” in the title is not just a suggestion. Your vessel must be less than 45 feet long. That said, it’s specific about what you can fish for, too — this permit can’t be held in conjunction with one for tuna longline, swordfish, Atlantic shark, or smoothhound. 


Plenty of Area, Plenty of Fish 


Even with that last sentence, there’s plenty you can fish for with this permit. For example, you can fish for North Atlantic Swordfish, North Atlantic Albacore Tuna, Western Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, Atlantic Bigeye Tuna, Atlantic Yellowfin Tuna, and Atlantic Skipjack Tuna. of course, tuna is always going to sell, but, you’ll be fishing for tuna in waters where you might find less competition than elsewhere. 


Beyond Caribbean Federal Commercial Fishing Permits 


All of that having been said, we offer quite a few fishing permits for “elsewhere,” too. In fact, if you want to fish anywhere in or around the United States of America, we’ve got you covered. From Alaska to the Caribbean, New England to the Pacific Remote Islands, (and everywhere in between) we make the permit process easier on commercial fishing professionals like yourself. You can find all of the permits at our site, and you can fill them out from just about any device, so long as you’re connected to the internet. Our staff is always on your side, ready to answer your questions. You can reach them at (866) 292-4204.

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