Coast Guard Commercial Vessel Documentation Transfer

coast guard commercial vessel documentation transfer

If you have made commercial fishing your career, you get to enjoy the luxury of working out on the water every day. It is a unique privilege that comes with a lot of hard work. In order for your business to flourish and to protect the safety of yourself and your crew, you need to ensure that your boat is well-maintained. A part of this maintenance is keeping your documentation with the United State Coast Guard (USCG) current. If you are considering transferring ownership of your boat, you will want to make sure that you complete a Coast Guard vessel documentation transfer.

As a part of your duties as a business owner, you are likely familiar with navigating the paperwork of commercial fishing permits. A vessel documentation transfer is not dissimilar, and in terms of continuing to operate your business in accordance with law, it is just as important. Fortunately, by having a base of knowledge on how you can satisfy this requirement, you spend more time out on the water, and less time toiling away on paperwork.

coast guard commercial vessel documentation transfer

How to Complete a Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Transfer

In the world of commercial and industrial fishing, it is not unusual for boat ownership to change hands. Maybe you are just getting your feet wet in the business and are considering purchasing your first boat? Perhaps your business has grown to the point where you need a larger vessel to accommodate your crew? Whatever the reason, a part of your potential transaction will require formally completing a transfer of ownership.

Completing this process will call for some bureaucratic maneuvering. Upon agreeing on a price between yourself and the seller or buyer, you will need to submit a copy of your boat’s Certificate of Documentation. This document will need to be notarized and contain the signatures of the vessel’s owners. This will also call for the names and addresses of the boat’s new owners.

You can complete this document by hand if you happen to have a copy of your Certificate of Documentation handy. If, for whatever reason, this document has been lost, you can request a duplicate copy from the USCG. Once everything has been filled out and signed, you can then package your documents and mail them to the USCG for formal processing.

Get Your Commercial Fishing Permits Online

Since your livelihood depends on getting out on the water, it stands to reason that you do not want to spend more time on land than you need to. Fortunately, there is an easier way to submit your ownership transfer documents, and that is by working with us at the Commercial Fishing Permits center. 

We are a private service that specializes in assisting commercial fishermen with obtaining their USCG documents and commercial fishing permits online. We feature a wide array of easy-to-complete web forms to obtain the documents you need in just a matter of minutes. You can also rest assured knowing your personal data is in safe hands, as we utilize an SSL-encrypted web portal to process your documents. To learn more, contact one of our helpful customer service agents today.

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