Commercial Benefits Of Having a Working Federal Tuna Fishing Permits

federal tuna fishing permit

There are a variety of fish species in the United States that, if caught and sold commercially, can bring in a sizable amount of income. If you are interested in beginning a commercial fishing business in U.S. territory, you should start by looking into the necessary federal tuna fishing permit. The demand for commercial fishing is consistent not only in the United States but also across the rest of the world, whether it be for American lobster that is caught off the coast of Maine or for shrimp that can be caught in the Gulf of Mexico. On the other hand, when it comes to value, bluefin tuna is typically in a class all by itself. These fish can reach more than 500 pounds at times, and they have been known to fetch quite a nice amount of profit for commercial fisheries. Taking this into account, it is important to look into regulations and necessary permits.

You will want to make sure that your documentation is in order before you set out to sea to fish for tuna. This step should even be taken before setting out to buy fishing gear and the necessary boat equipment. Going through this process the traditional way will require searching for the proper applications from the relevant state or federal agencies, filling them out, and delivering them to the correct government office for processing. There are, of course, additional ways to accomplish this task online, and the Commercial Fishing Permits Center may provide assistance if you need it. Even if you have a better chance of getting prices for your catch that are closer to what the market will pay, it may still be smart to get your federal tuna fishing license.

When Is A Federal Issued Government Permit To Fish For Tuna Necessary?

When determining the form of commercial fishing license you will need, the first thing you will need to do is decide what species of tuna you will be fishing for and where you will be trying to catch it. This will help narrow down your options. For instance, albacore tuna can be harvested on the west coast, but in order to do so, fishermen need to obtain the appropriate permissions from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which is in charge of environmental protection in the Pacific and Alaska regions.

Take into account that bluefin tuna and other types of tuna that are more valuable are more likely to be caught in the Atlantic. These fish, which have been given the designation of “Highly Migratory Species” (HMS) by the NOAA, are able to be found in federal waters all along the east coast. In fact, the federal seas are home to bigeye, yellowfin, and skipjack tuna. You are allowed to fish for any of these different species if you have a valid HMS angling permit. In addition, because an HMS permit covers both your vessel and all of the people who fish from it, you won’t have to worry about getting individual permits for your crew.

A Service You Can Trust

The Commercial Fishing Permits Center is a private agency that specializes in assisting fishermen in acquiring the necessary licenses and permits online. For permits in all major U.S. locations, we provide web-based forms that are simple to complete. In addition, we employ an SSL-encrypted web portal to safeguard the transmission of your sensitive information.

What Types of Territories Are Considered Federal Waters?

Following the patterns of fish migration can lead you to a variety of different fisheries and sites all over the world. You will need to ensure that your fishing operation is in possession of the appropriate permits in order to access these areas. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is in charge of handing out permits for activities that take place in federal waters. These waters, defined as those that are three to two hundred nautical miles out of the range of zero to three nautical miles from shore, often fall under the jurisdiction of the state and, as a result, require permissions that are specific to that state.

federal tuna fishing permit

How to Easily Obtain Your Permits Through The Internetfederal tuna 

There is a high possibility that you don’t have time to print out applications, manually fill them out, and send them to the NOAA because you’re too busy. Don’t worry; here at the Commercial Fishing Permits Center, we’ll take care of everything for you. When you come to our portal, we will provide you with simple and secure online forms that you may use to apply for virtually any fishing permit issued by NOAA, including a  federal tuna fishing permit. Please take a few minutes to look around our website for additional information.

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