Commercial Fishing for HMS on the West Coast: the Facts

commercial fishing

Have you been looking to expand your commercial fishing business into the West Coast Exclusive Economic Zone? Are you interested in fishing for highly migratory species (HMS) in more locations? Should that be the case, we can help. At our site, you can find the “Pacific Highly Migratory Species Permits” that you’ll need. Whether you’re harvesting commercially or in a for-hire/charter capacity, these permits will allow you to get set up with highly lucrative fishing for highly migratory species on the West Coast. 

What to Know about Commercial Fishing on the West Coast for HMS

For one, these permits cover the EEZ on the West Coast, specifically the states of California, Washington, and Oregon. You’ll need this permit if you’re going to fish for HMS in those regions if you’re fishing for HMS off or land HMS. If yours is a commercial fishing vessel, then it must be registered for use under a general HMS permit that authorizes the use of specific gear. We understand that this can be a bit opaque. Should that be the case, our staff will be more than happy to answer your questions. 

commercial fishing

Additional Endorsements You May Need to Fish How You Want 

If you’re going to fish by hook and line (troll/jib, bait boat) then you don’t need any additional endorsement requirements. The same goes for if you’re a charter as well. That said, you will need additional requirements should you choose to fish by drift gillnet, purse seine, or deep-set longline. The last is only authorized outside of the West Coast EEZ and will require a High Seas Fishing Compliance Act permit as well. You can also find that at our site as well. 

Permit Specifics 

The good news about these permits: you don’t have to renew them every year. In fact, you don’t have to renew them for two years, as they expire on the last day of the permit holder’s birth month. You can only hold this permit if you’re eligible to own a documented vessel. Speaking of the vessel, these permits are only valid for the vessel for which they are registered. So, you can’t take this permit onto another vessel and be in compliance. Additionally, the permit must be on board the vessel and available for inspection by an authorized officer. 

One Place for All of the Commercial Fishing Permits Your Maritime Business Needs

This is just one of the many lucrative fishing permits that we offer at our site. We know that, when you fish commercially, you’re always looking for ways to make the business easier. So, we’ve made our site optimized for mobile devices. That way, you can fill out these forms from practically anywhere – even if you’re out on the water. You can do so from just about any device, too – so long as you have internet access. To see everything that we offer, head to our site. For help from our trained staff, just call us at (866) 292-4204.

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