Commercial Fishing Opportunities At the Port of New Bedford

US Vessel Documentation

If you’re interested in commercial fishing, you probably know about the Port of New Bedford in Massachusetts. Annually, the Port of New Bedford handles millions of pounds of seafood, making it an essential link in the global seafood supply chain. A daily average of one million pounds of seafood enters and leaves the port by truck, rail, and boat. In addition to processing the majority of seafood landed in the Atlantic, the Port of New Bedford also processes an increasing proportion of seafood landed in foreign waters, which is then delivered to processors in the Port of New Bedford, who ship the completed product back out to be sold globally. Learn all about the necessary US vessel documentation you need in order to begin fishing in Massachusetts.

Which Permit Should I Get to Start My Own Business?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is the agency that is in charge of issuing federal permits. Licenses and permits can be broken down into a wide variety of subcategories, much like there are numerous species of fish in the ocean. Part of this is due to the fact that commercial fishing is a highly regulated profession, and there are a wide variety of licenses and US Vessel Documentation papers that fishermen, such as yourself, may be required to obtain in order to carry out their activities in accordance with the law.

The type of fishing permit that you require will initially be determined by the region in which you will be doing your fishing. State waters, which are defined as those that extend from the shore out to a distance of three nautical miles, require a different set of permits than federal waters do. The federal territory is defined as any area that extends beyond the water boundaries of a state for a distance of up to 200 nautical miles. You may be able to obtain all necessary information and instructions for certain permits from the relevant government authorities in Massachusetts or the NOAA.

Permits for Particular Species

Additionally, permits can be obtained on a species-by-species basis. For instance, if you want to fish in fisheries that are designated for black sea bass, you will need a special permit to do so. Additionally, customized permits are required to fish for rockfish, striped bass, and Chinook salmon.

It is advisable to start the application process for all of the essential permits as soon as you have completely developed your business plan and have determined what it is that you hope to catch. Keep in mind that different methods of fishing, such as netting, trapping, and longlining, may each be subject to their own set of permission restrictions that must be satisfied.

Additional Equipment for All of Your Demands in Commercial Fishing

In order to begin a commercial fishing business in Alaska, one must make further preparations beyond purchasing a boat and fishing gear. This is especially true given the perilous weather conditions that prevail there. Be sure to include a first-aid kit and have enough life jackets for everyone on your crew, including yourself. Protecting your feet and hands from the weather requires you to have durable footwear and clothing, such as gloves and boots. Commercial fishermen can also benefit from having items such as oilskins, sweaters, and sweatpants in their wardrobes.

Obtain All Required Documentation Easily

After ensuring that all of your equipment is in working order and determining which permissions and licenses you require, it is time to complete the necessary documentation. After you have located the essential documents on the websites of the state of Massachusetts and NOAA and printed them off, you will be able to fill them out with ink and then send them to the appropriate agency locations to be processed.

There is, of course, another, less difficult approach. We are a private service here at the Commercial Fishing Permits Center, and our speciality is assisting commercial and industrial fishers in acquiring the licenses and permits their businesses require in order to be successful. There is a good probability that the Commercial Fishing Permits Center can assist you with whatever it is that you are catching.

US Vessel Documentation

An Online Service You Can Trust

Please take some time to look around the navigation menu that is located at the very top of our website. You will notice that we provide a selection of licenses and permits for a variety of important commercial fishing zones in the United States. By producing digital documents that are simple to navigate, we spare our customers the trouble of having to print and send them in physical 

We take out all of the complicated bureaucratic language and the small print so that you may easily fill out your applications in a timely and accurate manner. Get in touch with us right away to find out more about how you may use our safe, SSL-encrypted web portal to submit an application for the fishing licenses you require. 

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