Commercial Fishing Permits for a Lobster Business

Commercial Fishing Permits for a Lobster

Commercial fishing can be an incredibly lucrative industry. For those willing to brave the treacherous seas, spending hours and days away from home, the spoils can be significant. Of course, some species will command a higher dollar than others, and knowing your market demand is essential to operating a profitable business. In some areas of the United States, lobster can be a marquee catch that fetches a considerable price from buyers. If you are considering trying out this line of work for yourself, you are going to want to have the right commercial fishing permits for lobster, among other key supplies.

If you have done the research on starting a lobster fishing enterprise already, you may be well on your way to leaving the harbor. You have an adequate, licensed vessel, a seasoned crew, and the right pots and traps. Once you take care of some basic paperwork issues pertaining to catching lobster, you can start reeling in your traps and converting them to dollars.

Where Is the Best Place to Catch American Lobster?

When you think of lobster, you probably think of the state of Maine. That is, of course, with good reason, as the state has led in lobster landing for more than 30 years now (with Massachusetts as a close second). While it is true that New England offers bountiful opportunities for catching lobster, they can be found in many other locations as well, including the coasts of California, Florida, and the Gulf of Mexico.

In many areas, the best places to trap lobsters are inland. These waters are almost always under the jurisdiction of the state. If you are going to be dropping pots in these fisheries, you are going to want to get well acquainted with your state’s lobster permit requirements.

Federal Commercial Fishing Permits for Lobster

Inland waters are not, however, the only places where you can go to catch lobster. In many places they are found in waters that fall under federal jurisdiction–this is the area that extends from three to 200 nautical miles from shore. Federal commercial fishing permits are issued by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and they are issued by region and species.

For a lobster fisherman, you are likely going to want to peruse the permits available in the Atlantic region, specifically the Mid-Atlantic and New England subregions. There you will find permits for American Lobsters, and at the Commercial Fishing Permits Center, we can help you complete your application for these permits in just a matter of minutes.

Spiny Lobster permits can be obtained in the South and Gulf of Mexico regions. This species favors a warmer climate, and if they are in close proximity to you, you may want to consider focusing on the Spiny Lobster as your primary catch.

Commercial Fishing Permits for a Lobster

Get These and Other Permits On Our Site

Take a moment and browse the navigation menu on our site–you will discover that we have online applications for all of your NOAA fishing permit needs. We use easy-to-read, streamlined web forms that you can complete quickly and comprehensively. If you would like to learn more, email us, or contact us by phone.

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