Commercial Fishing Permits in NJ – What You Need To Know

Commercial Fishing Permits in NJ

Are you the owner of a vessel and interested in engaging in commercial fishing in the state of New Jersey? In such a case, you will need to get acquainted with the licenses and rules that the state has in place for commercial fishing. This blog post will tell you what you need to know about getting commercial fishing permits in NJ.

In New Jersey, commercial fishing is a burgeoning business, and the number of people who operate fishing vessels for commercial purposes in the state is always on the rise. As a result of this expansion, a significant number of issues have been raised about the state’s commercial fishing permit requirements and restrictions.

When it comes to commercial fishing in New Jersey, vessel owners must comply with several stringent rules, some of which will be covered in this section.

You Must Have a Permit If You Want To Commercially Fish In NJ Waters

There is a limit on the number of commercial fishing licenses issued in New Jersey, so even if you’ve been fishing for as long as you can remember, you may need help to get one and grow your company. The good news is that there are several options for commercial fishing in New Jersey without obtaining your own permit.

If you have a valid New Jersey commercial fishing license and decide you need more “assistants,” you may legally hire them. Retail fishing under the supervision of a commercial license holder is an option if you still need to get your commercial fishing license. A person who assists a commercial fisherman or dealer but does not engage in the sale of fish or seafood caught in state waters is considered an assistant by the state.

Helpers need to be at least 12 years old, and they may utilize the business’s boats and tools. They may also sell their catch wholesale, but not to individual customers, as well as in their places of employment or retail marketplaces.

The Permit Application Process Can Be Lengthy and Complicated

Whenever one hears the term “commercial fishing,” visions of local fisherman hauling in nets full of fresh seafood likely immediately spring to mind. However, commercial fishing involves much more than setting out from a port in a small boat and catching a meal.

The Commercial Fishing Permits Center outlines several requirements to be eligible for commercial fishing permits in NJ. Limits on the number of days and types of gear allowed per year with a commercial fishing license set it apart from its recreational counterpart. To legally engage in commercial fishing in New Jersey, one must first get a license from the Commercial Fishing Permits Center.

You’ll need to include information about your boat and yourself on the application and maps of the region where you want to fish. Commercial fishermen must always be prepared for any emergency when out at sea by carrying essential safety gear such as lifejackets, flares, fire extinguishers, and radar reflectors (to make your boat easier to spot).

There Are Different Types of Permits for Different Kinds of Fishing Activities

At the Commercial Fishing Licenses Center, you may apply for fishing permits that enable you to engage in a particular fishing activity in exchange for a fee. These permits are known as commercial fishing permits in NJ.

You can get a Special Purpose License (SPL) or a General Purpose License (GPL) in New Jersey. Special Purpose Licenses (SPL) allow anglers to access specific fisheries with their boat or other specialized equipment. At the same time, General Purpose Licenses (GPL) enable anglers to fish from shore or boats with engines more powerful than ten horsepower.

If you want to fish from a boat with engines that are more powerful than ten horsepower, you will be required to get an SPL for that activity. You will require a General Permit to Fish (GPL) if you want to fish in areas with neither boats nor easily accessible platforms (such as cliffs or ice).

Commercial Fishing Permits in NJ

You May Need Multiple Commercial Fishing Permits in NJ Depending On What Type of Fishing You Do

It’s common to believe that a single fishing license covers your needs while you’re out on the water in New Jersey. However, several different licenses may be necessary depending on what you’re doing.

Commercial fishing licenses may be broad, allowing for the capture of fish anywhere within state waters, or narrow, allowing for just certain sorts of fishing in certain places. Failure to get commercial fishing permits in NJ may lead to penalties, criminal charges, and even prison time, so it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the numerous types of licenses and determine which ones are necessary for your fishing.

A fisherman who catches fish as part of their profession at a fish market will require a different license than someone who fishes for fun or as a side business. Commercial fishing permit requirements in New Jersey might be challenging to understand, so it’s advisable to see an expert if you need one.

To fish commercially in New Jersey, you must be licensed and have a permit for any part of New Jersey waters within the boundaries of New Jersey. Vessels that are used for fishing must also be licensed. Our Commercial Fishing Permits Center site can help you find all the information you may need.

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