Commercial Fishing: What’s in Season Right Now and How We Can Help

Commercial Fishing

Have you been looking for permits and licenses for the commercial fishing opportunities that are going on right now? Does it seem like the process to complete your fishing documents is more challenging than it should be? We created our site to be a resource for fishing professionals. Here, you could find all of the forms that you might need, yes, but you could also find them when you need them as well. Below are some of the forms we offer for species that are in season at this writing. 


Here at our site, we offer permits for fishing across America. Yes, when most people think of lobster, they think of the Northeast. Maine lobsters tend to be at their best between early summer and the end of the year. California and Florida, on the other hand, peak in August, and that lasts till around March. At our site, you can find the forms to fish commercially for lobsters in federal waters. You need to not only have this federal lobster limited access permit, but you need to have it on board as well. 

Alaskan Chinook Salmon 

Alaskan Chinook salmon (as with other kinds of Pacific salmon), is having its moment. That tends to run from earlier in the summer and lasts till around December. At our site, you can find the forms to apply for approval as an entire to receive transferable Chinook Salmon PSC allocation as well as the application for the transferring of Bering Sea Chinook Salmon PSC allocations as well. We have many forms for Alaska, both state and federal, for many reasons, not the least of which is that there’s so much fishing opportunity in and around the Pacific Northwest. 


From May to October, Pacific bluefin tuna is in. Atlantic bluefin tuna, on the other hand, are in season between the months of June and November. Here at our site, you can find an application for the “Tuna Treaty Permit.” With this, you’ll be able to obtain authorization for port activity and exclusive economic zone entry as a foreign vessel into Canada. Additionally, you can use our site to transfer and renew your Atlantic Tuna Longline Commercial Fishing Permit. These are just some of the forms we offer for fishing tuna. 

Commercial Fishing

Commercial Fishing Permits and Licenses for Fishing Professionals 

One definite fact we can tell you from years of offering easier access to fishing permits and licenses from all across America: there is so much lucrative fishing in this country. Whether you’re in Massachusetts, the Gulf of Mexico, the California Coast, or anywhere in Alaska, there’s a goldmine, so to speak, of fishing opportunities out there. We can help to make the process a little easier for pros like yourself. You can use our site to take care of not just all of your fishing documentation, but your vessel documentation as well. To see how we can help, we invite you to see all of the forms we have at our site. 


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