Don’t Start a Fishing Business Without US Coast Guard Boat Registration

US Coast Guard Boat Registration

If you want to operate a commercial fishing business, you will likely need a US Coast Guard boat registration. Commercial fishing can be quite lucrative in the United States, with the need for many fishermen to sustain the industry. That means you have an opportunity to start a business doing something you enjoy, while also contributing to American commerce. Staying compliant with the paperwork is something you will need to stay on top of. Keep reading to find out what you need to know. 

What is the US Coast Guard Boat Registration Process?

This process allows you access to international ports and is a federally mandated system to identify the boats involved in commercial fishing. This offers protection for you as the owner of the vessel. If you plan to operate your business beyond three nautical miles from shore, you will most likely need to register your boat with the Coast Guard. Keeping your registration paperwork readily available is important in emergency situations and if you are ever boarded by the Coast Guard. 

Importance of Documentation for Commercial Fishing

If you are operating a commercial fishing vessel, USCG documentation is required. That’s because this allows the Coast Guard to properly regulate the trade, while also ensuring that you are contributing to commerce and making a living. Getting caught without your documentation could result in fines or having your registration revoked. The proper paperwork protects your enterprise and allows for regular inspections, which ensures safety compliance. Keep your paperwork in an easy to access location so you can get to it, when necessary.

The United States Coast Guard and Commercial Fishing

The United States Coast Guard plays an important role in the commercial fishing trade. For one thing, they help ensure safety and security for commercial fishermen and others involved in the enterprise. They are also responsible for ensuring compliance with following guidelines and keeping documentation up to date. The Coast Guard is also on hand to provide guidance and assistance to commercial fishermen, particularly in emergency situations. This includes search and rescue endeavors, as well as keeping records of safety and security information. This offers protection on land and sea. 

Obtaining and Renewing Your Documentation

The United States Coast Guard documentation process can feel overwhelming. There’s a lot involved, but making sure it’s done correctly is imperative to keeping your commercial fishing business operating. In addition to completing the registration process for your fishing vessel, you will also need to complete a renewal on a consistent basis, to keep it current and up to date. In addition, you’ll need to pay the relevant fees. Failure to have a valid registration and other important documentation can hinder your business and could leave you subject to fines and penalties, so make sure you are staying on top of it. 

US Coast Guard Boat Registration

Do you need help with your US Coast Guard boat registration? The Commercial Fishing Permits Center is here to help. Contact us today and we will help you facilitate the process, from start to finish, as well as answer any questions you have along the way. 

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