Everything You Need to Get a Connecticut Commercial Fishing License

connecticut commercial fishing license

Like with any paperwork application, the process to get a Connecticut commercial fishing license might seem intimidating and complicated at first glance. We want to make sure it isn’t. Allow our document processors to handle the whole thing for you.

Connecticut Commercial Fishing License

Connecticut has the great luxury of enjoying both an extensive coastline and a wide variety of rivers, which means that there are two kinds of Connecticut commercial fishing licenses available: inland fishing and marine waters fishing licenses. The differences might seem fairly obvious given the names, but let us take a closer look into this matter so that you know what to expect from the application process and make sure that you are ready to start yours. On top of that, you will need to get the permits and registration in order as well. Don’t worry, we are here to help you with all that too.

Inland and Marine Fishing Licenses

In order to fish in the rivers and the coastline of Connecticut, you will need a commercial fishing license, which you can apply for through our platform. As part of this process, you will also need to submit applications for a few other pieces of documentation, such as a commercial bait fishing license, a commercial shad fishing license, a commercial blue crab fishing license, a commercial landing vessel operator’s license, restricted commercial fishing license, restricted commercial lobster pot fishing license, and commercial whelk (conch) fishing. All of these have to be processed before you begin to operate commercially as a fishery in the waters of Connecticut to ensure the safety of the operation and the reliable quality of the catch.

Vessel Registration

A commercial fishing vessel permit is required for all vessels used for activities authorized under commercial fishing licenses. This includes, of course, the use of commercial fishing gear, even if for personal use purposes. Now, this permit is not required for vessels used only for activities associated with the restricted commercial fishing license, restricted lobster pot fishing license, commercial whelk fishing license, inland commercial bait fishing license, marine commercial bait fishing license, commercial blue crab fishing license, or commercial shad fishing license. Additionally, a party/charter vessel registration is required for the use of a vessel for a fee for the purpose of transporting and providing a fishing platform for sport fishermen, whether this is in the marine district or for marine species in the inland district.

connecticut commercial fishing license

Apply For Fishing Permits

Given all the different kinds of permits, licenses, and stamps available for both residents and non-residents, it’s understandable that the application process can get confusing or complicated. Don’t worry, though, because that’s what the Federal Commercial Fishing Permits Center is here for. Our team can help you with any application process so that you can easily submit it to the corresponding authorities and receive the permit that you need. For more information about this process, or to inquire about any of the applications, feel free to reach out to us via phone or email. We are here to make it all easier for you.

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