Everything You Need to Know to Get Commercial Fishing Permits in Alaska

commercial fishing permits in alaska

We know that all the paperwork for commercial fishing permits in Alaska might seem intimidating, which is why we are here to help you apply for them every step of the way.

Alaska Commercial Crew Member License

The document that you as a person will need to get in order to operate will be the Alaska commercial crewmember license. This piece of documentation will be processed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and it will be key in order to operate. Beyond it, however, the vessel and entity will also have to go through a few other relevant agencies to get commercial fishing permits in Alaska.

Relevant State Agencies

In order to get your commercial fishing permits in Alaska, you will have to deal with a variety of different state agencies, each of which takes care of a different aspect of the process. Here are the relevant agencies you will need to engage with:

  • Department of Revenue – Like any business, you will have to deal with the Department of Revenue at some point. In regards to fishing, they will be the ones to Issue the Fisheries Business Licenses. These are required for all processing or exporting activities so make sure you get this in order to operate commercially.
  • Department of Environmental Conservation – Now, the Department of Environmental Conservation, as their name implies, deals with environmental safety and well-being. They will hence be responsible for ensuring that seafood is maintained and processed in safe and sanitary conditions.
  • Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission – Now, at a smaller level, you have the commercial fisheries entry commission, and they are in charge of providing vessel licenses as well as permits for all of the state fisheries. You will need to apply for this in order to operate at all.
  • Department of Transportation – Additionally, if you sell your product by the pound, you will need to have your scales be annually tested and approved by the Department of Transportation, so be sure to go through this process as needed.

Relevant Federal Agencies

Of course, this doesn’t just stay at the state level, since a lot of commercial fishing in Alaska will involve different federal jurisdictions of all sorts. Federally speaking, you will have to deal with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Given the importance of the sustainability of the region for the continued fishing industry, certain protections are in place. Hence, the NOAA Fisheries Alaska Regional Office, along with the Alaska Fisheries Science Center, help ensure the sustainability of these marine resources for generations. The NOAA will take charge in protecting the territory from overfishing and exploitation, so you will have to meet the corresponding requirements to operate in accordance with them.

commercial fishing permits in alaska

Apply for Fishing Permits in Alaska

Given all the different kinds of permits, licenses, and stamps available for both residents and non-residents, it’s understandable that the application process can get confusing or complicated. Don’t worry, though, because that’s what the Federal Commercial Fishing Permits Center is here for. Our team can help you with any application process so that you can easily submit it to the corresponding authorities and receive the permit that you need. For more information about this process, or to inquire about any of the applications, feel free to reach out to us via phone or email. We are here to make it all easier for you.

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