Is there a description of an HMS Charter/Headboat category permit?

Yes, owners/operators of charter/headboat vessels fishing for and/or retaining regulated Atlantic Highly Migratory Species (Atlantic tunas, sharks, swordfish and billfish) in the Atlantic Ocean, including the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea, must obtain an Atlantic Highly Migratory Species (HMS) permit. To be eligible for this permit category there MUST be a licensed Coast Guard Captain onboard the vessel during ALL HMS Fishing activities regardless if they are commercial, recreational, or fee based in nature. This permit allows a vessel to fish both commercially for tunas and swordfish with a Commercial Sale Endorsement, and recreationally for HMS, although not on the same day. Only the sale of tuna and swordfish catch is permitted with this permit. This permit is required if fishing in Federal or State waters, and because it is a commercial permit when combined with a Commercial Sale Endorsement, the U.S. Coast Guard Safety Gear Regulations may apply. This permit will also allow a vessel to fish in registered recreational HMS fishing tournaments.