Federal Commercial Fishing License to Fish How You Want 

federal commercial fishing license

Have you been looking to get into the lucrative world of Atlantic tuna fishing? Did you get your vessel, crew, and everything else together, and now all you need are Atlantic tuna federal commercial fishing license and permit forms? As with other vessel essentials, you don’t want to leave port without those. At our site, we’ve helped commercial fishing professionals just like yourself to be in compliance with the authorities quickly and easily. 

What to Know About This Atlantic Tuna Federal Commercial Fishing License & Permit 

As you may know, when we say “Atlantic Tuna” we don’t mean to imply that there’s only one species of tuna. In fact, there are several that this permit covers: Atlantic Skipjack Tuna, Atlantic Yellowfin, Western Atlantic Bluefin, Atlantic Bigeye, and North Atlantic Albacore. If you’re going to fish the New England area for tuna, odds are you’re going to want this permit. Moreover, you’re going to want to hang onto it, too. So, remember that this permit has to be renewed annually, before the last day of the permit holder’s (I. E. your) month of birth. 

What You Can and Can’t Use this Permit With 

The bad news is that you cannot legally have this permit with any other Atlantic Tuna permits at the same time. Additionally, you can’t have an HMS Caribbean Small Boat Permit Commercial Fishing permit in conjunction with this one, either. That said, you can renew this permit individually or alongside the shark and swordfish permit. That’s just one of the reasons that so many commercial fishing pros use their vessels to fish for both. 

The Facts About Atlantic Tuna 

In the New England area, more or less, bluefin tuna fishing season will run to November, usually at some point within the month. It tends to start in June. However, many will tell you that the best months tend to be around September and August. There’s a belief among many that the severity of the preceding winter has a lot to do with how great the tuna fishing is, particularly early in the season. A tougher winter, for example, may mean that June isn’t as great as it usually is. The truth is, however, that people are always going to want tuna, and there’s plenty of it in the New England area. 

A Commercial Fishing Permits Center for Commercial Fishing Professionals

The above deals with just one of the forms that we offer for fishing for Tuna in the New England area. The truth is that we offer so many other forms for fishing for tuna as well as plenty of other kinds of fish all over the American coasts. If you want to fish for lobster, Alaskan crab, or anything else, you can find the forms to do exactly that at our site. Moreover, these forms are available in such a way that you can fill them out in just minutes flat from just about anywhere. For more: (866) 292-4204 or fill out our contact form. 


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