Federal Fisheries Permit vs. State Permits: What to Look For

Federal Fisheries Permit

Are you unsure about which permits and licensing your commercial fishing enterprise requires? Do you know if your business needs a federal fisheries permit, a state permit, or something else? No matter which of the two you’re interested in, you’ll be able to find them right here on our site. We started Commercial Fishing Permits to be able to help commercial fishing professionals from all walks of life and sizes of business. Below are just some of the permits as well as services that we offer. 

What Do You Plan to Fish For? 

Really, when it comes to determining whether you need federal permits or state ones, this is the biggest question to ask. Knowing what you want to fish commercially can make all of the difference in the world in determining exactly what kinds of permits your business needs. For example, if you plan on fishing in Rockfish in the Gulf of Alaska, you’re going to want to utilize the appropriate form in the “Alaska Region” of our site. The state forms are for something else entirely, covering vessel licenses, commercial fishing permit applications, and more. 

Federal Permits We Offer 

For years now, we’ve offered federal fishing permits and licenses throughout the country. Indeed, we’ve broken these down into separate regions, depending on where you plan on running your commercial fishing business. So, we have the Alaska Region for those in the Pacific Northwest, the Atlantic Region for those in the Northeast, the South for those in the Southeast, the Gulf of Mexico, and so forth, as well as the West Coast REgion for California, Oregon, and similar areas. The Pacific Island Region covers fishing around Guam, American Samoa, and nearby waters. 

State Forms That We Offer 

Recently, we’ve begun offering access to state forms as well. We see it as one more way to help fishing professionals with their business, by giving them one less thing to worry about. Now, you can find the federal as well as state forms that you may need to run your business. So, you can get the Massachusetts state forms as well as the Atlantic Regional federal forms you might need all in one place and at one time. You have enough to worry about with your commercial fishing business, the licensing and permits process should be as easy as possible. 

Federal Fisheries Permit

Helping Fishing Professionals 

It’s not enough for us to just offer the forms to commercial fishing professionals. We also wanted to make sure that commercial fishing profits could fill out these forms as quickly and as easily as possible, too. To that end, these forms can be completed within minutes on any mobile device. So, you can be at port, in a meeting, or even out on the water when you get these forms done. To see all of the different forms we offer access to for your business, we encourage you to explore the rest of our site. 

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