Federal Fishing Permits For the Gulf of Mexico: Rules & Regulations

federal fishing permits

The Gulf Of Mexico is a beautiful place for all kinds of maritime activities, whether you are on vacation or working. You can acquire federal fishing permits to sail and fish there, and to enjoy the landscapes that join Mexico and the United States.

This particular area has its specific rules and regulations concerning boat equipment, fishing requirements and what are you allowed to do with the fish you catch. Respecting these indications helps to preserve sea life cycles and to avoid possible fines and prosecution.

Reef Fish Important Considerations For Federal Fishing Permits

The most fascinating aspect of sightseeing at the Gulf of Mexico is the coral reef that goes all the way from Yucatan and Veracruz to Flower Gardens Banks. They are home to amazing biodiversity full of life and colors that attract thousands of tourists every year for diving, sailing, and, of course, fishing.

However, as precious and interesting as the coral reefs are, irresponsible human behavior is taking the best of them. Pollution caused by oil spills and extraction, as well as destructive fishing practices (bottom trawling) and agricultural runoff, endanger coral reefs and the fishes that live there.

Due to these serious issues, regulations and rules have become strict for fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico. Respect them so the next time you travel there you make sure the coral reefs still exist.

federal fishing permits

Rules For Catching Reef Fish

Down below you can find the most important rules when fishing at the coral reefs.

  • Gear and equipment: Vessel Monitoring Systems have required onboard all vessels with federal commercial permits for Gulf reef fish. Also, the gear is limited to no more than 3 hooks in a special management zone off Alabama.
  • Fishing methods: Vessels with shrimp trawls or entangling net gear on board may not exceed the recreational reef fish bag limits. Entangling nets may not be used for the directed harvest of reef fish as well.
  • Other considerations: selling reef fish caught under the recreational bag limit is strictly forbidden. Commercial vessels are prohibited from retaining reef fish caught under the recreational size and bag/possession limit when commercial quantities of Gulf reef fish are on board

Overall Rules For Fishing In The Gulf Of Mexico

All the sea life is important asides from the reef fish. All fish except for bait and oceanic migratory species taken from federal waters must have heads and fins intact through landing. Operators must comply with guidelines for proper care and release of incidentally caught smalltooth sawfish and sea turtles and possess the onboard specific gear to ensure proper release of such species.

Get Your Specific Fishing Permit Today

Finally, decided to enjoy the wonderful waters of the Gulf of Mexico? If you are taking your ship there to for some fishing, you must choose what kind of fishery will you go after.

The sea life there is abundant. You can find mackerels, tuna, lobsters, shrimp, sharks, swordfish, golden crabs, reef fishes, and many more! Check our website to find the form that will allow you to acquire your fishing permit.

Questions? Feel free to contact us anytime.

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