Find Pennsylvania Commercial Fishing Permits at Our Site

find pennsylvania commercial fishing permits at our site

Commercial fishing can be a demanding, though rewarding line of work. You will need to be prepared to spend long stretches of time out on the water, sometimes in difficult weather conditions. Hauling in your catch and maintaining your lines and vessel will also require strength and attention to detail. Of course, in turn, you will not have to spend your days staring at walls in an office. You get to be out on the water, making a living by doing what you love. To ensure the continued viability of your Pennsylvania commercial fishing business, you will want to stay current on all of your commercial fishing permits.

When the average person thinks about commercial fishing, the state of Pennsylvania may not immediately spring to mind. In truth, Pennsylvania is home to a number of inland bodies of water, and it also borders Lake Erie, making it a profitable destination for enterprising commercial and industrial fishermen. Before you cast your lines in the Keystone State, make sure that you understand which permits you will need, as well as how you can obtain them online.

find pennsylvania commercial fishing permits at our site

Meeting Pennsylvania Commercial Fishing Requirements

Pennsylvania’s fisheries are a valuable resource to the state’s residents. In order to maintain these habitats for future generations of fishermen to enjoy, it is paramount that steps are taken to protect them. It is with this in mind that rules and regulations are crafted to manage how Pennsylvania’s waters are commercially fished. The agency that is tasked with this responsibility is called the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

As a part of their ongoing conservation efforts, fishing permits can be obtained through the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. They offer a range of different licenses for different methods of fishing. If you are operating a charter or guide business, you will need to complete a PFBC-G-1, or Charter Boat/Fishing Guide Permit Application. There are also Regulated Lake Fishing Licenses (PFBC-109), Lake Erie Trap Net Licenses, and Seine License Applications for Commercial Fishing Licenses (PFBC-171).

The specific permits that you will need depend on your business and where you are operating. Once you have determined which specific licenses you require, you can locate the appropriate applications on Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission’s website. From there, you can download the PDF files, print them, fill them out, and return them via mail for processing. 

Obtain Your Commercial Fishing Permits Online

If you are a commercial fisherman, chances are you do not have ample amounts of free time. If tracking down paper forms, filling them out, and making a trip to the post office sounds incompatible with your schedule, you will be happy to know that there is an easier way.

At the Commercial Fishing Permits Center, we are a private service that specializes in helping anglers get the licenses they need online. Take a moment to browse the navigation on our site–you will see that we offer easy-to-fill web forms for commercial fishing licenses in all major U.S. regions. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, contact one of our friendly customer service representatives today.

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