Finding Commercial Fishing Permits in Florida

commercial fishing permits

There are plenty of reasons why Florida’s population continues to surge. People from all over the U.S. are flocking to the Sunshine State, and it is not just because it lives up to its nickname. While the weather in Florida is pretty much unbeatable when compared to much of the rest of the country, it is also a state that is especially favorable to business owners. With a healthy population of consumers and low tax rates, it is no wonder that businesses are flocking to Florida in droves. While enterprises of all sorts are migrating to this state, it is also an excellent destination for commercial fishing. If you are exploring this line of work, or if you already have a commercial fishing business, you should probably know how to get the permits that you need online. By working with a private service such as ours, you can get commercial fishing permits in Florida over the web, which can save you considerable time and energy.

Whether you are new to commercial fishing, or you are a seasoned professional angler, there is one common thread: an ideal day for you is a day out on the water. With the sun on your face and the wind at your back, fishing commercially is a far cry from an office 9-to-5. Of course, that does not mean that commercial fishing is an easy trade by any means. You can expect long hours and physically exhausting work. The trade-off, though, can be a sense of professional fulfillment and a healthy paycheck that is in your own control. Once you gear up your boat and hire a seasoned team to help you, there will be some practical matters that you will need to address. One of the more important bits of paperwork will be obtaining the proper permits to fish commercially in Florida. Read on to learn about how we can help you with this process.

The Different Commercial Fishing Permits in Florida

If you are ready to start earning your living by catching fish off the shores of Florida, getting the right licenses will be key. Whether you are on the Atlantic side, or fishing in the Gulf, if you are on state waters, you will need to get a license from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. To be a bit more specific, this will be compulsory if you are fishing on the waters that fall within three nautical miles from shore. There are a multitude of different commercial saltwater licenses available, including species-specific endorsements. You can find what you need by browsing the Florida section of our website.

To fish on the federal waters off the coast of Florida, you will need permits from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The NOAA offers permits specifically for the Atlantic and the Gulf, and they have a number of species-specific licenses as well.

commercial fishing permits

Start Fishing in the Sunshine State Today!

We can help you apply for all the commercial fishing permits in Florida you need on one convenient website. To learn more, take some time to explore our website to get a sense of our offerings. You can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information.

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