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federal fisheries permit

Is it time to convert your love of fishing into a career? Are you looking to trade your cubicle for a boat, and swap out spreadsheets for fishing lines? Well, if so, you are probably pretty excited to begin your new professional journey. This is also a savvy move from an entrepreneurial perspective, as commercial fishing is a multibillion-dollar industry on the global level. Since people probably aren’t going to stop eating fresh seafood any time soon, you can more than likely enjoy some job security too. Still, commercial fishing is not an easy trade, and you can expect some long and exhausting trips out to sea in the future. If the sweat equity is worth it for you, though, there are a couple of items to check off your to-do list before you leave the dock. First, you will want to make sure your boat is up to the challenge, and that can mean making some upgrades. You may also want to hire a team to help you reel in your catch. Another crucial part of the planning process for your business is to obtain the correct federal fisheries permit.

Commercial fishing is a pretty old line of work. Since the earliest days of civilization, people have been catching fish and selling them in the marketplace. While the fundamentals of this practice have remained the same, the technology and techniques applied have advanced considerably. There are now ways to catch fish by the ton, as opposed to the old rod-and-reel approach. With these evolutions in the industry, so too have come regulatory changes. As you will be catching and selling what is technically a natural resource on federal waters, it stands to reason that you would need some sort of licensing to do so. The good news is, by working with a private service such as ours at the Commercial Fishing Permits Center, you can apply for all the permits you need on one convenient website.

Which Federal Fishing Permit Do You Need?

If you are ready to head out on the water and start reeling in your livelihood, you should probably make sure that you have the right permit first. In order to identify the license you need, you should consider where you will be fishing. Federal fisheries constitute the area between three and 200 nautical miles from land. To fish in these waters legally, you will need to obtain a permit from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The NOAA breaks down its permit offerings by region, which includes Alaska, the Pacific Islands, the West Coast, the Atlantic, and the South. Within those regions, there are a number of species-specific licenses, and more than likely your business will require several of them.

federal fisheries permit

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Whether you need federal permits, or licenses at the state level, we can help. We have fillable web applications for all of your commercial fishing permit needs. Take some time to explore our navigation menu to learn more, or take a trip over to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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