Get Your Maine Commercial Fishing Permits Online

Maine Commercial Fishing Permits

When you think of certain types of seafood, you might associate them with specific places. For example, when you think of lobster, you probably think of Maine–and for good reason. This humble state, which sits atop New England, is home to an ample supply of American lobster. Commanding a high dollar on the open market–and at your local restaurant–lobster is always in demand, making it a much sought-after catch for commercial fishermen. If you are looking to trap lobster in Maine or catch a number of other desired fish in the area, you are going to want to acquire the proper Maine commercial fishing permits. By having the right paperwork, you are free to maximize your catch and boost your fishing business’s bottom line.

Make no mistake about it, though, commercial fishing is hard work. You can expect to spend long hours handling heavy, dangerous equipment, sometimes in harsh weather conditions. If you are the adventurous sort, however, and an office 9-to-5 just is not for you, industrial fishing can be especially rewarding. At the Commercial Fishing Permits Center, we can help you spend less time applying for fishing licenses, and more time tending to traps and pots, allowing you to get a more solid livelihood off the shores of Maine.

The Right Maine Commercial Fishing Permits for You

In the early days of launching your commercial fishing venture, you may find yourself focused on preliminary planning. For instance, you will need to identify what you want to catch, where you will fish, and who you will sell your catch. It is during this part of the entrepreneurial process that you should probably begin thinking about which permits you will need. In the state of Maine, commercial fishing permits are issued by the Department of Marine Resources. You will need state licenses for anything you catch on inland waters, or within three nautical miles from shore.

Most commonly, permits are sought for lobster and crab harvesting in Maine. These are offered to both residents and non-residents alike. The Department of Marine Resources also offers licenses for scallops, clams, sea urchins, and more. You can obtain your state permits by visiting the Department of Marine Resources website, locating the appropriate PDF, printing it out, completing it in ink, and mailing it to the appropriate office location. 

get your maine commercial fishing permits online

Get Your State and Federal Permits Online the Easy Way

It is fairly common for commercial fishermen to require federal licenses as well. These are issued by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and cover the seas from three to 200 nautical miles from land. The NOAA has permits specifically for the New England subregion, which will be most applicable for commercial fishing in Maine. Much like their state-level counterparts, federal licenses apply to various specific species.

Whether you need state or federal fishing permits for Maine, we can help. We offer easy-to-complete web forms for fishing permits of all kinds. Take a moment or two to explore our site to get a sense of our offerings. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our customer service agents by phone or email.

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