Get Your Alaska Commercial Fishing Permits Ready for Dungeness!

alaska commercial fishing permits

Are you interested in Alaska commercial fishing opportunities? Did you recently get into crab fishing in Alaska (or really, any kind of fishing in Alaska) and want to go where the opportunities are? There’s always great fishing in and around the Alaska area, which has been going back centuries now. That said, it seems like, in the last few years, the fishing has gone to another, higher level. One such example: crab fishing in and around Dungeness. We offer Alaska commercial fishing permits to allow you to take advantage of opportunities no matter where they might be. 

The Great Crab Fishing at Dungeness and the Surrounding Area 

As this article from the Anchorage Daily News shows, “Dungeness crab in the Gulf of Alaska is now Alaska’s largest crab fishery.” The Aleutian Islands are still doing great, as well, with the Bering Sea having something of an off-year. Yet, that very well could just be a byproduct of how great crab fishing is elsewhere in and around Alaska. To show just how great the Dungeness catch has been, it “totaled over 7.5 million pounds as the last pots were being pulled at the end of October.” That’s not to say that next year will be the same, but it shows just how much opportunity Alaskan waters can hold. 

alaska commercial fishing permits

The Alaska Crab Permits We Offer 

As of this writing, we offer 21 different permits for fishing Alaskan crab. These permits tend to come under two categories: “Alaska License Limitation Program Applications for Groundfish and Crab” as well as “The Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands Crab Rationalization Applications.” The latter includes eighteen different applications that can help your commercial fishing operation in a variety of ways. Whether you’re applying for an Annual Crab Individual Fishing Quota IFQ permit or applying for a registered crab receiver permit or anything else, you can find it right here at our site. 

A Home for So Many Alaska Commercial Fishing Permits 

Those twenty-one permits we mentioned may sound like a lot, but they’re just some of the many, many permits we offer for Alaska professional fishing. To that end, you can find permits for so many different kinds of species as well as regions right here. No matter how you want to fish commercially in and around the Alaskan waters, we can help you to be in compliance right here at our site. 

Commercial Fishing Opportunities Beyond Alaska 

As you can plainly see, there are all kinds of opportunities in Alaskan waters. That said, there are all kinds of opportunities in and around the United States, too. Whether you’re fishing in chilly New England waters or going deep searching for fish off of the California coast or anywhere else, we have all of the permits that can help you to make the kind of profits you want to make for your business. Moreover, we’ve made it so that you can apply for these permits just about anywhere. Learn more here. 

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