How Do I Get A Maryland Commercial Fishing License?

Maryland Commercial Fishing License

In the state of Maryland, if you own a vessel and you wish to begin engaging in commercial fishing, you will be required to get a commercial fishing license. Those who want to fish for crabs, eels, flounder, bluefish, or striped bass in Maryland’s saltwater waters are required to have a Maryland commercial fishing license. You’ll need to supply some evidence that demonstrates your eligibility for a license, in addition to filling out a rather straightforward application.

The expenses may change depending on the kind of fishing gear that you use (drag gear, lift net gear, and so on), but it will be well worth it if you want to earn money off of capturing these well-liked kinds of seafood! Make sure you have the correct license for the kind of fishing you want to do since there are many different kinds available to you depending on the kind of fishing you want to do. In this article, we will guide you through the steps necessary to get a commercial fishing license in the state of Maryland.

Familiarize Yourself with the Different License Types

You’ll want to be sure you get the correct kind of fishing license in Maryland since there are many to choose from. Fishing permits for brook trout, bass, and many more species are available in addition to a basic freshwater license. The same holds true for angling crabs and oysters, both of which need a specialized license.

Maryland offers both recreational and commercial fishing permits, but only two types of vessel licenses: non-commercial and commercial. You may purchase a recreational fishing license and use it to go fishing with your friends and family on your own time if you’re just starting out as an angler.

You need a commercial fishing license and a permit to fish commercially, whether you plan to work for someone else or on your own (prices vary). The license authorizes fishing in Maryland waters from vessels larger than 35 feet in length and allows the catch to be sold.

Determine What Fisheries You Will Be Targeting

A valid license is required to engage in fishing as a recreational activity in the same way that it is required to engage in any other recreational activity. A commercial fishing license is required in Maryland. Let’s make sure we all understand what a commercial fishing license is before we go into the specifics of how to acquire one.

If you fish professionally for more than 20 percent of your yearly revenue, you need a commercial fishing license. Live fish capture and fish farming harvest are both considered commercial fishing. The Department of Natural Resources is in charge of Maryland commercial fishing licenses, as well as hunting licenses, small game trapping licenses, and fur-bearing animal licenses.

In order to get a license to fish for commercial purposes, one must be well-prepared. Do your homework before heading to the Commercial Fishing Permits Center today to submit your application to save some time.

Check the Boundaries of Each Fishery Zone to Obtain Maryland Commercial Fishing License

You’re in luck if you want to go fishing since Maryland is home to some of the nation’s best and most abundant fisheries. One question must be answered before you cast your line, though: how will you be fishing? If you’re trying to reel in a striped bass or bluefish, for example, you’ll need to be familiar with the regions of the state in which such fish are found.

Checking this map of Maryland’s tidal waters will tell you which zone you need and where on the map that zone is situated. You just require a free “basic” license from the Commercial Fishing Permits Center if your desired fishing spot is within the limits of tidal water (any body of water that is linked to the ocean by a small channel).

To get a copy, click here. Take it out on the water and start fishing as soon as you can! Check out this page for details on how to get a license to fish in a non-tidal location, such as for freshwater trout or rockfish.

Maryland Commercial Fishing License

Be Aware Of Any Additional Permits or Endorsements That May Be Required

There is a lot of stress involved with starting a new job without knowing whether you can pay the insurance or renew your driver’s license in time. That is a common thought process among those who are considering relocating to Maryland in order to pursue a career in commercial fishing.

Fortunately, there are measures you may take to guarantee a trouble-free procedure. There are several things you’ll need to answer about yourself before you can even submit an application. Should I go through with this? Can I legally work in the state of Maryland? How many hours a week will I need to work to make ends meet? Is this something I can realistically afford? Can I get by without a boat or other tools, or are they necessary for success? If you need any licenses or endorsements, make sure you get them. For instance, you’ll need an inshore fishing endorsement on your license if you want to fish within three miles of land.

You might be wondering, “How do I get a Maryland commercial fishing license?” The first step is to contact the Commercial Fishing Permits Center through our site. We will answer any questions you have about getting your commercial fishing license and we’ll help you through the application process. 

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