How to Do a USCG COD Renewal for Commercial Purposes

how to do a uscg cod renewal for commercial purposes

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) has a major responsibility to all American citizens. As this agency is tasked with several important missions, including maritime law enforcement and marine transportation system management, they must closely monitor the boating activity that occurs on federal waters. For this reason, if you have a large commercial vessel that is operating in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), it is a must that you carry a Certificate of Documentation from the United States Coast Guard. Simply obtaining this document is not the end of your paperwork journey, however, as you must also periodically complete a USCG COD renewal.

If you operate a business, especially in the commercial fishing sector, you understand the importance of paying attention to even the smallest details. Just as you would not venture out to sea without valid commercial fishing permits, you also do not want to leave the dock without a current Certificate of Documentation from the United States Coast Guard.

how to do a uscg cod renewal for commercial purposes

Why Does Your Vessel Require a USCG Certificate of Documentation?

Think back to when you first purchased your vessel. There were probably some pieces of paperwork that you had to take care of at the state level, such as filing a registration. A United States Coast Guard Certificate of Documentation is a similar document, though it registers your vessel at the federal level. This is a necessary step to complete if you plan on engaging in commercial activities on federal waters.

When you obtain a Certificate of Documentation from the USCG, you are establishing both the nationality and ownership of your vessel. Having this sort of record can help in the event that you need financing for your boat at some point in the future.

There are additional benefits to having a USCG COD. As this is an internationally recognized piece of documentation, it can allow you to easily pass through waters and ports in other nations. Having a USCG COD also means you do not need to put registration numbers on your vessel (these are issued at the state level), instead you will just need your boat’s name and hailing port.

How to Process a USCG COD Renewal Online

Approximately 45 days before your current registration is set to expire, you will receive a notification in the mail from the United States Coast Guard. While you can complete your renewal using their paper forms and packaging your documents in the mail, there is also a more efficient, expedited way.

At the Commercial Fishing Permits Center, we are a private service that helps business owners like you get the Coast Guard documents they need online. We offer an easy-to-read web form to complete your COD renewal in just minutes.

We Have the Commercial Fishing Permits Your Business Needs

In addition to USCG documentation, we can also assist you in obtaining commercial fishing licenses and permits in all major U.S. regions. We also utilize an SSL-encrypted web portal, so you can rest easy knowing that your private data is in safe hands. Contact one of our seasoned customer service representatives today to learn more.

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