How to Obtain a Commercial Fishing License in Georgia?

Commercial Fishing Licenses in Georgia

Historically, Georgia’s marine ecosystem and coastal production have backed up commercial fisheries, with the blue crabs as the most trapped species. Fishermen have, however, also harvested a high number of fish and shellfish species and compose a vital part of the state economy. Nevertheless, the constant regulations have devastated the industry, by raising the operating costs while, at the same time, losing fishermen, given that the old ones retire and the newer generations do not seem as interested as they once were. This article will then explain everything you need to know about commercial fishing licenses in Georgia, particularly how to get one.

What is Commercial Fishing in Georgia?

According to the Georgian Department of Natural Resources, “commercial fishing is defined by Georgia Code Title 27 as fishing for the purpose of sale, or the sale or offering for sale of fish by the person taking such fish or fishing with commercial gear.” Anyone engaged in commercial freshwater fishing may have a valid commercial fishing license and species endorsement for each of the following commercial fisheries:

  • Lake Seminole Gill Net
  • Catfish Basket
  • Freshwater Mussel

Furthermore, keep in mind that fishermen who take finfish or other seafood for commercial sale must possess a valid Georgian commercial fishing license with them at all times. The same applies to a commercial boat license if they fish with one. In addition to that, the fishermen have to abide by season, creel, and size limits when harvesting.

The Commercial Fishing Permits Center can Help you Out

It is time now to explain to you how to access all of these permits. According to the Department of Natural Resources, they may be purchased in person at One Conservation Way, Brunswick, or 2065 Hwy. 278 S.E Social Circle. The other option is to download the form from their website, print it, fill it out and send it via regular post to the mentioned addresses.

And that is when the Commercial Fishing Permits Center comes into place. We noticed the two ways of getting the appropriate commercial fishing license in Georgia can be inconvenient, to say the least.

That is the reason why we created this website: we are a third-party agency that created a website that allows you to get your documentation online. How? With our SSL-encrypted portal, your information stays safe. You fully complete it online and we take care of submitting it to the appropriate government department. Yes, it may be more expensive, but it also allows you to complete it from the comfort of your house.

Commercial Fishing Licenses in Georgia

How to Get your Commercial Fishing License in Georgia with Our Help

If you want to process your documentation with our help you need to press the state button at the top of the website, so you can see the different states in our country. Once you have selected Georgia, it is only a matter of deciding which are the ones you want to get. Furthermore, our experienced staff will be happy to assist you to clear any doubts you may have. Get your documentation today with the Commercial Fishing Permits Center!

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