How to Renew Coast Guard Commercial Vessel Documentation

how to renew coast guard commercial vessel documentation

Managing a successful commercial fishing business means doing work on both land and at sea. Before you untie your vessel from the dock, it is crucial to ensure that all of your vessel documentation is current and on-board. If there are documents, permits, or licenses that you need to obtain, you will want to take care of that ahead of venturing out on the water. If your business is bringing you out into federal fisheries, it is especially important that you renew your Coast Guard commercial vessel documentation in a timely manner.

It is the role of the United States Coast Guard (USCG) to manage and protect federal waters. One such avenue for accomplishing this is issuing registrations to commercial vessels. By maintaining an accurate registry, the USCG can have a better idea of just who and what is out on American waters, allowing for more effective regulatory action and safety precautions. 

how to renew coast guard commercial vessel documentation

Determining Whether or Not to Document Your Vessel

Whether or not you need to document your boat with the USCG will depend on a few factors. For one, where will you be fishing? If you are going to be in what is known as the “Exclusive Economic Zone” (EEZ), you may need to register your boat. This will be compulsory if your vessel has a net weight of five tons or more.

In simpler terms, if you are operating a large commercial vessel on federal waters, you will need to have it documented with the Coast Guard. This can be done by sourcing a Form CG-1258 and submitting it to the correct USCG office. You will also need to provide proof of ownership–typically a bill of sale–to process your registration. If this is the first time your vessel has been documented, you should also plan to file an application for simplified measurement.

Renew Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Online

In the past, USCG registrations would call for annual renewal. Beginning in January of 2022, however, the Coast Guard began transitioning to a once every five years model. Regardless, you can expect to receive a notice 45 days before your current registration is set to expire. Along with this reminder you will be given paper copies of the documents necessary to process your renewal.

You can complete these forms by hand, write a check for the requisite fee, and submit your renewal via mail. Of course, at the Commercial Fishing Permits Center, we can help you complete this process online. By utilizing our SSL-encrypted web portal, you can submit your renewal request in just minutes, ultimately giving you more time to focus on your business.

Commercial Fishing Permits and More – Contact Us

Whether you need Coast Guard documentation, or permits to fish commercially on federal waters, our private service can help. We offer a host of online, fillable forms to obtain all of the documentation that your business needs. If you would like to learn more, please contact one of our helpful customer service agents today by phone or email.

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