Improve Your Sport Charter with an Alaska Federal Fishing Permit

alaska federal fishing permit

Do you want to get in on using your vessel as a sports charter for halibut in Alaska? Does it seem like the rules regarding these Alaskan charters are opaque or even a bit confusing? One of the main goals of our Commercial Fishing Permits Center is to make every part of the permit process that much easier for fishing pros. So, instead of having to wonder what forms you’re eligible for and why, you can find the forms you need and get them taken care of, pronto. That’s what we can provide with this Alaska federal fishing permit and many others. 


How Charter Halibut Permits Work 


Every year, Charter Halibut Permits (CHPs) have to be registered with the authorities. When that occurs, the powers that be mail a new, original version of this form to you. This isn’t something you can just leave on your desk or in a drawer somewhere — it has to be on board when you’re catching and retaining halibut on a charter fishing trip. If you complete this registration every calendar year before a CHP is used, your Alaskan halibut charter can stay in compliance. 


Why These Rules Exist 


The North Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC) makes recommendations on how to meet specific charter halibut fisher allocation objectives. While it may seem like there are a lot of rules and regulations, really, the goals are to provide stability in the fishery, boost rural coastal communities’ economic stability, and just increase the value of the resource in general. Often, this takes the form of limiting the number of Area 2C and Area 3A charter vessels. While it may sound like this rule keeps you from being able to make all that much money in Alaskan halibut charters, the truth is that many have been able to do very well. 


Other Alaskan Halibut Forms Available


Profitable fishing in Alaskan waters takes many forms. Pacific Halibut fishing in the region, however, is as profitable as many of them (if not more so). To meet that need, we offer multiple forms at our site that can enable commercial fishing professionals to fish for halibut in Alaskan waters how they want. That means we offer such forms as the “Application for Temporary Transfer of Halibut/Sablefish Individual Fishing Quota” as well as applications for “Community Charter Halibut Permit” and “Military Charter Halibut Permit” respectively. Those are just a few of the forms we have – there are many others. 


A Better Alaska Federal Fishing Permit Process 


All of the above having been said, just “having” the forms available on our site is, we feel, the bare minimum that a commercial fishing permits site should be able to do for its clients. To that end, we also mobile-optimized our site, so that our customers can fill these forms out from anywhere, so long as they have online access. Additionally, we have a staff that is ready to answer your questions. For more: (866) 292-4204.

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