Is Commercial Fishing a Bad Thing? (No, If Done Properly)

commercial fishing

Commercial fishing is one of the biggest means of subsistence for regions that have exit to the sea or flourish with lakes and rivers filled with sea life. Not only do big corporations with countless vessels make a living out of it, but many local communities depend on the food that water provides.

Over the last decades, many sea life populations and fisheries have considerably waned due to irresponsible commercial practices such as overfishing and bycatch. If the world wants to make a living out of commercial fishing in the future, it’s important to spread conscience in the present.

What Are The Main Causes That Threaten Sea Life?

There are many reasons why so many species are endangered today. Pollution and oil spills might be the first that you think of, but the main problem is due to unethical commercial fishing. Read on ahead to find out how human activities impact sea life.

commercial fishing


The main problem with commercial fishing is when vessels catch fish faster than stocks can replenish. Every species has a determined season for mating, reproducing, and growing. Information is out there at the reach of hand by just looking on your phone how much does it take to fish for salmon without threatening its existence. However, the unscrupulous need for profit pushes fisheries beyond their biological limits. Species like sharks, rays, and chimeras are facing extinction due to overfishing.


When commercial fishing types such as longlines, gillnets, and bottom trawls are not responsibly planned, unwanted sea life is captured while fishing for a different species. This, too, is a serious marine threat that causes the needless loss of billions of fish, along with hundreds of thousands of sea turtles and cetaceans.

Illegal Fishing

Overfishing is only made worse by illegal catches and trade. Some of the worst ocean impacts are caused by pervasive illegal fishing, which is estimated at up to 30% of catch or more for high-value species. These illegal catches move through opaque supply chains due to a lack of systems to track fish from catch to consumer and import controls in much of the sector.

How Does This Impact Ecosystems?

Unlawful commercial fishing can change the size of fish remaining, as well as how they reproduce and the speed at which they mature. When too many fish are taken out of the ocean it creates an imbalance that can erode the food web and lead to a loss of other important marine life, including vulnerable species like sea turtles and corals.

Millions of people in largely developing, coastal communities depend on the fishing industry for their livelihood and half the world’s population relies on fish as a major source of protein. When fish disappear, so do jobs and coastal economies

Don’t Be Indifferent! Do Your Part!

The Commercial Fishing Permits Center cares about the future of the industry and its sustainability. We know that doing the right thing today will have its effects tomorrow.

Before engaging in commercial fishing, learn all you can about the requirements for doing it responsibly. Know which commercial permits and licenses you need. Comply with the authorities and respect the sea life.

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