Is USCG Documentation Mandatory for Commercial Fishing?

commercial fishing

So you finally found the right boat and you already know what kind of fishery will you pursue. What know? Commercial fishing, as well as many other revenue water activities, requires that your vessel be documented by the United States Coast Guard registry.

It’s important to comply with the proper paperwork so you can only worry about dropping the net at the right place. Better to avoid any type of problems with the authorities, since fishing without documentation is illegal and you could face severe fines. Read along to be a responsible fisherman and learn all about USCG documentation.

What Is USCG Documentation?

USCG documentation, or vessel documentation, is the registration of a vessel at a federal level. It’s one of the oldest forms of documentation as it traces back to the 11th Act of the First Congress. It provides legitimacy over the vessel’s nationality as well as its ownership.

commercial fishing

Why Do I Need Documentation For Commercial Fishing?

The maritime law in the United States makes it mandatory that all vessels intended for commercial purposes must be documented, indistinctly of their measures. State-registered pleasure boats can’t perform any kind of commercial activity legally.

There are two basic requirements to document a vessel: it must be used in fishing activities on navigable waters of the U.S. or in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) or used in coastwise trade (cargo/passenger transportation), and it must be wholly owned by a US citizen.

How To Document My Boat

The traditional way of getting documentation is quite cumbersome and lengthy. The forms are scattered online, instructions look more like orders than anything else, and you can spend your whole day reading technical requirements and trying to figure them out. It can be exhausting to deal with vessel documentation, especially if it is your first time around.

You don’t have to make a fuzz out of it any more We are fully aware that you need documentation if you want to pursue commercial fishing. That’s why we added an exclusive section of USCG documentation with all the forms and applications needed for it. Whether you are documenting the vessel for the first time, or want to do a little research before buying with an abstract of title, now you can find everything in the same place.

Getting Started

If you are documenting a boat for the first time, head to the ‘USCG Documentation’ tab on the superior part and then look for the ‘Initial form’. You’ll see right away that the form allows you to select if you are applying for pleasure or commercial use. If you have read this article this far, it’s pretty obvious that you are interested in commercial purposes. Just to let you know: pleasure-intended ships can also get documented if they measure over 5 net tons (approximately 26 feet).

Applying For Documentation Has Never Been Easier

Say goodbye to the old days of dealing with the authorities’ bureaucracy. The Commercial Fishing Permits Center offers a user-friendly design to find what you need fast and simply. Also, your privacy is protected all the time due to the SSL encryption on the website.

Get started today with your vessel documentation to use your fishing permits at ease. Contact us if you have any questions.

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