Learn More About The Regulations on Commercial Fishing in the US

commercial fishing

Commercial and industrial fishing can be a lucrative business. Whether longlining, trapping, or netting, commercial fishing with the right approach can turn big catches into big dollars. With commerce and the environment both at play, the U.S. sets regulations to manage commercial fishing on federal waters. With a clear understanding of U.S. fishing regulations, you can better position yourself and your business to operate successfully and legally.

What Does the NOAA Do?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a federal agency tasked with regulating recreational and commercial activity on federal waters. They are authorized by Congress to design and enforce regulations on individuals, businesses, state and local governments. 

commercial fishing

How Are Commercial Fishing Regulations Created for Fisheries?

When a problem or issue has been identified and brought to the NOAA, regulations are crafted to serve as a solution. While this process does not always unfold in one particular way, in general, there are certain steps to creating a regulation.

First, the NOAA Council collects resolutions and ideas to deal with the problem at hand. These suggestions can and often do come from the public. Then, potential impacts of a resolution are weighed and technical analysis is performed to assess possible outcomes. 

When a shortlist of potential resolutions is compiled, public hearings are held to get local feedback. After the hearing takes place, a vote is taken by the Council to determine the viability of the plan. If the plan passes, it then goes to the NOAA Fisheries for final approval and implementation. After additional consideration and legal vetting, the NOAA Fisheries will then codify the regulation into law.

How Your Voice Can Be Heard

As a commercial fisherman who spends a substantial amount of time out on the water, new regulations can have a sizable impact on you and your business. You are able to submit your comments to the NOAA via mail, or electronically. You can also attend a public hearing where you will have the opportunity to speak up and voice your support or concern for potential regulation.

Observing the Correct Regulations

If you are involved in a commercial fishing operation, it is in your best interest to adhere to state and federal laws. The penalties for failing to comply with NOAA regulations can be costly, possibly even jeopardizing the livelihood of you and your employees. Fortunately, there are easy avenues to ensure that your licenses and permits are up-to-date.

By working with a private service, such as the Commercial Fishing Permits Center, you can find all of the forms you need in one convenient place. You can save yourself the trouble of printing, filling out, and mailing your applications. We offer a streamlined and secure web portal, so you can rest easy knowing your application will be fully completed and processed promptly.

Get The Permits You Need with Our Help

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