Making the Transfer Federal Commercial Fishing Permit Process Better

transfer a federal commercial fishing permit

Have you been looking for an easier way to transfer a federal commercial fishing permit from one vessel to another? When you sit down to actually complete the transfer process, does it seem infinitely more challenging than it should be? Transferring a permit can be one of those crucial documentation tasks that really can’t be put off or waited on. To keep your maritime business running as you want it to, you need to be able to transfer quickly and easily. We can help facilitate that process in a number of ways. 

Transfer Federal Commercial Fishing Permit: from New England to Guam 

For one, we offer many different commercial fishing permits that you can transfer. Indeed, if you search for “transfer” at our site, you’ll come up with (as of this writing) more than sixty results. To that end, you’ll be able to transfer permits that are required for any vessel that’s 50 feet or longer in overall length that’s fishing for, landing, or transhipping bottom fish management unit species in the Exclusive Economic Zone Seward of the Territory of Guam. By that same token, you can transfer applications for permits to fish for Atlantic Tuna longline fishing in New England waters as well. We also include just about every permit that you can transfer between those areas, too. 

transfer a federal commercial fishing permit

All You Need to Transfer Swordfish Permits 

We probably don’t have to tell you that there’s plenty of money in swordfish. These are some of the more lucrative commercial fishing targets. To help, we make it possible for transferring permits for fishing for swordfish however you want. For example, we make it possible to transfer permits for a directed commercial fishing permit, a hand gear commercial fishing permit, or an incidental commercial fishing permit, just to name a few. Whether you’re swordfish fishing in the South Atlantic or anywhere else, our permits can keep you and your business in compliance. 

Transfer/Exchange Documentation, too 

Not all of the transfer documentation we offer is for commercial fishing permits. For example, we also make it easier to transfer/exchange ownership of your vessel as well. If you’re bringing on a new co-owner, letting one go, or making just about any change to the ownership structure of your vessel, this very well might be the permit that you’re looking for. In just three short steps, you can complete this document and be on your way. 

Beyond Transferring 

Many of our clients get started with our site initially through transferring one permit or another. That said, they often come back when they need another commercial fishing permit. Between our mobile optimization and top-notch staff on hand to take your questions, the Commercial Fishing Permits Center is a resource for commercial fishing professionals from all walks of life. As long as you’re on the internet, you can access and use our site from just about any device. If you have questions that need answers, our staff can help you out at (866) 292-4204.

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