Maryland Commercial Fishing License: More Than Just a License for Crab

Maryland Commercial Fishing License

Are you looking for simpler ways to take care of your Maryland crab fishing documentation? Or, alternatively, do you want to expand your Maryland commercial fishing operations beyond crab? Yes, Maryland crab fishing is world-renowned for many reasons. That said, crab does not constitute the sum of Maryland commercial fishing opportunities. Here at our permits center, you can find the Maryland commercial fishing license and permit that you’ll need for your business. 

Crabbing Licensing Available 

If crab harvesting is your business, then the Commercial Fishing Permits Center has your back. Here, you’ll be able to find state fishing permits to use up to 50 crab pots. To better help your business, we offer applications for both “Limited Crab Harvester” and “Limited Crab Harvester” (Male Only). That said, we also are able to offer permits for those whose business has other needs. To that end, you can use the “Crab Harvester (Up to 300 Pots)” application. With any of those permits, you can use crab pots, as well as trotlines, nets, dip nets, pounds, scrapes, and traps. We see it as more ways that we can help our crab fishing clients. 

Finfish Your Way 

If there’s a way you want to fish for finfish, odds are that we offer an application for it here. You can find the “Finfish Hook and Line” permit, which, of course, allows you to use that gear to harvest finfish so that you can sell them commercially. By that same token, however, you can also avail yourself of our “Unlimited Finfish Harvester.” With this, you can, as the form states, “use all legal equipment to harvest finfish for sale.” We love to provide our clients with options to fit their specific needs. 

Clams, Oysters, and More 

Speaking of the ability to be able to “use all legal equipment to harvest a species for sale,” you can do that with clams through our “Clam Harvest” form. Additionally, with our “Oyster Harvester” form, you can harvest oysters legally in a variety of ways: tonging, diving, or even hand scraping. Should you wish to use a dredge boat to harvest oysters, you can do that with the corresponding form here as well. If you want to harvest cancer crab, conch, lobster, and turtles, we have a form that can allow you to do exactly that. 

Maryland Commercial Fishing License

More Than Just a Way to Acquire a Maryland Commercial Fishing License

Maryland has so much to offer in terms of commercial fishing opportunities. With the forms mentioned above and others, you can run your Maryland commercial fishing operation in the manner you wish. That said, if your business isn’t limited to Maryland, then you can use our site in more areas than just Maryland. For example, we offer commercial fishing permits for the northeast, the southeast, the west, the Pacific coast, and even Alaska. Each of these forms is in an easy-to-complete format. To see how we can help your business, click here.

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