Mid Atlantic Federal Commercial Fishing: Ocean Quahog, Surf Claim, and More

Mid Atlantic Federal commercial fishing

Does it feel like it’s more difficult than it should be to find the permits to fish for what you want to fish for? As you prepare your vessel, gather your equipment, and assemble your crew, ensuring your permits, licenses, and documentation are in perfect order is paramount before setting sail. We can help. Among the many kinds we offer, we have Mid Atlantic Federal Commercial Fishing permits. As such, we can help in ensuring a smooth journey into the expansive waters of Atlantic Surf clams, Ocean Quahog, and more. 

Abundance in the Atlantic Waters

The great news for aspiring fishermen is that both surf clams and ocean quahogs currently boast populations above the target levels. This means you can cast your nets without worrying about overfishing or the premature closure of the season. While the equipment used for surf clam fishing can have environmental implications, the fishery incorporates measures to mitigate these impacts. Mandatory vessel monitoring systems and minimum size requirements for Atlantic Surf clams help maintain a sustainable environment, making these species an excellent choice for expanding your fishing endeavors.

Understanding the Permit Categories

When it comes to fishing these aquatic treasures, there are three distinct permit categories. The first is the “Commercial Surf clam (Open Access)” permit, facilitating the commercial harvest and sale of surf clams. 

The second, “Category 6: Commercial Ocean Quahog (Open Access),” allows for the commercial harvest and sale of ocean quahogs. In both cases, catch limits are contingent upon the Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ) allocation held, necessitating awareness of these limits to ensure compliance. 

The third category pertains to the “commercial harvest and sale of Maine mahogany quahogs,” allowing a catch limit of 100,000 Maine mahogany quahogs annually. However, it’s essential to note that this permit is limited access and exclusively applies to harvesting Maine mahogany quahogs north of 43° 50′ N latitude.

Securing Mid-Atlantic Federal Commercial Fishing Permits

Navigating the intricacies of these permits is made effortless through our user-friendly platform. At our site, you will find all the necessary forms conveniently laid out. The essential fields you need to fill in have been clearly marked, streamlining the process and ensuring compliance each time you set out to fish for Atlantic Surf clams and Ocean Quahog. Accessing the forms is hassle-free, allowing you to complete them from any location and on any device with an internet connection.

Mid Atlantic Federal commercial fishing
Your Gateway to Seamless Fishing Ventures

We understand that your passion lies in fishing, not in bureaucratic paperwork. Our mobile-optimized forms enable you to complete the necessary documentation swiftly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your fishing expedition. Should you have any queries or require further assistance, we can help. 

For example, we have a team of permit processors who can go over your forms utterly, finding and fixing any errors, no matter how small they may be. To see how we can help your business, check out the rest of our site. 

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